Feb 19 2013
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Can't Create Club

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I disbanded my club recently and have been trying to make a new one for fam use.  Everytime I try to create it, I get a (Sorry.  This Club could not be created at this time. Please try again.) prompt.  I've tried several different names and it keeps saying the same thing.  I'm just curious what the issue is here and if it will be fixed soon.  Aside from the obvious inventory being all out of whack everytime i go into it, this is the only problem I have.  I'd like to know if it will be fixed soon because I have some fam events coming up and really need my club. 


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Re: Can't Create Club

Feb 19, 2013
This may be an issue related to 1.75. A few other people have mentioned not being able to create a club after disbanding one. Keep trying occasionally and let me know if you are able to create a club.

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