Feb 05 2013
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Can Someone Please Help ME

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for past few days  home is very slow when logging in i get to screen playstation home with the wheel spinning on top but it dont move right away .like it used to. it would stay there for at 10 minutes before going to next  screen and like now for instance its still spinning on top and not moving its more then 10 minutes is anyone else having this issue ???? can someone please help me

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Re: Can Someone Please Help ME

Feb 5, 2013
Hey SnowHood. As it has been stated before, there is a thread to discuss issues such as yours.

We are requesting feedback if you are having issues such as logging in, which by your description it seems you are. The Home team has fixed many of the issues however they haven't fully fixed them yet and are currently working to do so. If you are still currently experiencing problems go ahead and post it in the thread I posted. Thanks!


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