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Aug 06 2012
By: theNINJAtuan Monster Hunter 41 posts

More design options for Harbor Studio

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Maybe we could customize our harbor studios more.

Idk, maybe more skins, more colors, maybe custom images. Maybe night and day.
I can imagine, finding out all I need to know about someone, by visiting their harbor studio.
Or maybe, I may only want to show them my harbor studio..but I might want to give off a certain vibe for a new friend. Maybe I want the right vibe at my office/harbor studio etc...
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Re: More design options for Harbor Studio

Aug 6, 2012




and different floorings too.



Please add your suggestion to the July suggestion thread.

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Re: More design options for Harbor Studio

Aug 8, 2012
We are limited and it is a basic space for everyone. They might be doing that for new spaces.

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