Aug 07 2012
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Labeled Closet Organizer

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Please Sony, we really do need an upgrade for organizing our purchases. My suggestion is to have a closet organized and labeled for:

1) T-shirts 2) Casual Tops that are not t-shirts 3) Dressy tops 3) Jackets/Coats 4) Shorts 5) Casual pants 6) Bathing suits

7) Dresses 8) Casual shoes 9) Dress Shoes 10) Boots 11) Casual Gloves 12) Dress Gloves 13) Hats 14) Favorite Hair Styles

Well sorry, but I think you get the general idea.

Or better yet, give us the ability to buy a closet organizer in which we can make our own labels. That way each of us can personalize our purchased items the way we want to.

If we need more closet space we simply purchase more space.

This way we could also have an opportunity to put away the items that we no longer choose to use.

If we took just five minutes, to recognize each others beauty, instead of attacking each other for our differences .............
Ellen Page
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