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Aug 02 2012
By: TSFRJ PlayStation MVP 4926 posts

Joey is blueprint train tracks possible in future?

0 replies 75 views Edited Aug 2, 2012

I'm currently building a really great train station blueprint and even  built a passenger loading/unloading platform near the edge of the construction zone. just like how the beach has a boardwalk up to CZ area any chance in the future on one of the other 3 sides of the CZ we can get an enviorment with train tracks going by. best i can tell tracks layout beside the CZ and if having the tracks going out to the distance is to hard yall can always place a train tunnel at both endes of the tracks. If that is possible then leave the enviroment where later on a moving dynamic train going by can be added later on but atleast the tracks beside CZ would be a great start.


So if possible and if makes it easier on the devs koey just the traintracks without a train will do for now if possible.


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