Aug 10 2012
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Far fetched idea that would make users happy....

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So recently my gfs roomie added the songs from her ipod to our ps3, So i now have 743 songs on it... This automatically brought up the thought of us being able to play the music thats on our ps3s in home on like a sort of portable radio or through the many headsets that are sold in home. Even better idea is users can have theyre own personal playlist/radio channel that other users could tune into and listen to as long as the users is still int he space. I know this seems abit out there and overly difficult but. ideas are a start.


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Re: Far fetched idea that would make users happy....

Aug 10, 2012
yeah i had this idea too. it seems like were just gonna happen to listen to music own our own for now. I dont really know how that can be done?

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