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Feb 13 2012
By: Hidden-_-Blades First Son 5 posts

Endangered Species Need Our Help!

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Endangered species need our help. These amazing animals are dying because of us humans and if we don't act and do something about it these fascinating animals will cease to live because we killed their species and their population numbers dropped rapidly, or we killed off their food supply making them starve to death. We need to help these amazing animals before it is to late and the first step is Sony adding these animals to Playstation Home as companions, the prices will be $1 more then regular companions and all the money Sony got from these companions would be going towards helping them survive, here is an example... If I bought a eagle then my money would go towards helping the eagle survive, or if I bought a puma then my cash would go towards helping the puma survive, and if some animals are being bought more then others then whichever is the most "popular" animal to have a companion will give a cut of its money it is recieving towards helping the ones that are not being bought on Playstation Home. I hope to see this feauture be added to Playstation Home because this will be a great cause and we will get new companions if you want to discuss more on this topic please give me your feedback on this post or send me a message on Playstation Network my ID is Hidden-_-Blades.

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