Aug 15 2012
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Active Item - Mannequins

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I'm not sure if anyone has posted this anywhere, but I think having an Active Item Mannequin would be pretty cool.  a regular mannequin would be cool, but here's why I propose it be an active item. 


First off, I think it would be pretty cool to have a full size doll in your space that you could pose and display clothing you own.  For example, there are several Fashion Clubs on Playstation Home, and it would be a great prop piece for their fashion shows and fashion show videos.  I know of a few clubs that would purchase and use for their videos RIGHT AWAY. 


Secondly, speaking of videos.  How great would it be if you could have a mannequin you can pose and dress to stand off i the background of a video shot.  we can only have 12 people in a personal space, but with several mannequins, we now have a lot more and would make for the illusion of a full house.  scenes like a concert at the Musicality stage, party @ the nightlife lounge clube, a full bar at the London Pub could now be captured on video with the help of Mannequins.


Another example.  Suits of Armor.  How great would it be, when you're walking down the long walkway in your Gothic Cathedral, you pass rows and rows of armed knights, all wearing the Veemee suits of armor, or the Crusader costume, or so on. 


Stores in the Mall could have Mannequins set up in their shops to display new or featured clothing that is out for that particular store. 


These are just a few examples.  Now of course, there would have to be some sort of interaction method between the owner and the active item that allows it to wear the clothing that is in your possession.  Also, if going with Poses.. You could give it a set list of poses like the list that we have, or create a few more.  in that aspect, you can just filter though the poses and hit ok to use the pose that you think fits.  Now granted it's a Mannequin, it should look like a mannequin.  no facial features, no hair, no eyes, just a single color body.  You could also add a "color" list to choose different skin colors for the mannequin, giving it a few ranges of colors.  also, place it on a platform, so that it's not wobbly.  some Items are wobbly, and I can see two feet holding up the mannequin being wobbly.  give it a base.  almost like a statue, small square base, couple inches thick, give it a little solid grounding to it. 


these are just a few ideas on how I could see it working.  please add to this if you like the idea or want to suggest more to it, change it up, so on so forth. 

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Re: Active Item - Mannequins

Aug 16, 2012

I very much like the Mannequin idea !!



post it in the July Suggestions thread.

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Re: Active Item - Mannequins

Aug 23, 2012

I actually posted a similar question a week or two ago lol. But they have the human plush in ornaments in the furniture store for 25 cents. But it's mainly just a colored statue of what looks like a home user/new guy. But as I mentioned in my post they should have an item like that with more options. Like the ability to dress it up in whatever avatar clothes you've got in your inventory. And make it male and female. And maybe let us pose it in a number of ways. I will help give out personal spaces a more lived in feel.

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