Nov 25 2012
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I made somebody mad at x7 and I go there all the time and he will call Sony if I come back. help?
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Re: x7

Nov 25, 2012
As long as you didn't violate the TOS you have nothing to worry about.
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Re: x7

Nov 25, 2012

There's one simple answer to this.


This guy can't stop you from going to any space, on Home.

He doesn't own the x7 lounge, so don't worry about it.



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Re: x7

Nov 25, 2012

No. As long as you are behaving, even if he reports you, nothing will happen. And if he keeps sending in such reports, he will be the one to get into trouble.


I suggest when you run into each other, put each other on Ignore and steer away from one another. If you both cannot work things out (privately), do not interact with each other in order to avoid trouble.

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