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Re: x7 rope crossing prompt blockers

Sep 17, 2013

King_xO-AsSaSSin wrote:

This thread is turning into the say this, say that, report that, thread instead of lets resolve the rope blockers


Really, if you understand, you don't have to directly stand in front of the bouncer. We know to use the d pad, but if they are there only standing in front of him all of the time, every day,  why should they be there? to just block others and tell others to redirect? We have to do what you said continuously, M0Z. Will it really bother them to just step to the right a little like when people are on your avi?


if you're gonna stay at x7 entrance, don't block the entrance, I could care less about the arguing, that is what y'all do, and that is your issue to resolve and work out, not Sony, not LKWD, heavy water, not the whole community.





In my experience. People talking and filling my chat log when I play Salt shooter in public space, S2 racing or Novus-Prime are much more a nuisance. Should I report them?  Or ask sony to either block chatting in game space and ban the offender?

Seriously. This thread is a joke. If people could just stop posting on it and let the OP whine alone we'll all get better.


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Re: x7 rope crossing prompt blockers

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Sep 17, 2013

Comments about how "whiny" the OP is, are inflammatory and have no place in the forums. I have not once written a comment filled with rage here. (as those who claim I rage appear to have) Reports have been made, ignoring has happened. The problem persists and vilifies me for suggesting that the deliberate T.O.S. abuse should be noticed.


When the bar gets lowered we all pay the price. Do not cater to the abusers. Do not vilify people for standing up for what's right.


Edit: Thread has ran its course and is now locked.



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