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Re: will eu rule the (home)world?

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Oct 13, 2013

The major problem is that there hasn't been any info that points to Home continuing for a long time or migrating to PS4. Perhaps 1 or 2 might be in the wild giving clues (which I haven't seen yet, all so far are fakes or BS made up rumors) but on the other hand there's like 100 strong evidence that points the other way (devs leaving, devs talking about not making money, JP/Asia region stopping support, Sony Home staff being cut, etc).


It probably has at least a year or so, but whether it'll still have life beyond that is hard to tell. I'm pretty much leaned to believe we are in a grace period for devs to release whatever they have being develop which takes them several months to several years to create and get their money's worth before the big "Home will discontinue" announcement. I'll be really surprise if it last for another 2 years.

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Re: will eu rule the (home)world?

Oct 13, 2013

King_xO-AsSaSSin wrote:

Because Game-Related contents?

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Re: will eu rule the (home)world?

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Oct 13, 2013

no its because eu has


Mark Howsen

Commercial Development Director at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe


  1. Sony Computer Entertainment UK,
  2. Reebok


and he  was


Reebok Equipment Sales Person of the Year in 1996


so how can sony eu be anything other than  the daddy ?

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Re: will eu rule the (home)world?

Oct 14, 2013

Teesside-1979 wrote:

Playstation Home unfortunately won't be on PS4 & coming to PS4 anyway so we'll only have just over 2 months left of it if anyone can provide hard evidence of Playstation Home on PS4 ( & not a fake picture of a PS4 home screen showing Playstation Home ) then ill put my hands up & say 'i was wrong "

Really?? REALLY?? We have only 2 months of Home  left after the PS4 releases??? LOL, If you are so good at predicting the future, you can pick a winning Powerball ticket for us to share then!!

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