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Re: warining ghost hackers

Aug 3, 2014

nerdlovah wrote:

She...  I'm a girl... and only a person that I described would be offended...


Do you even read what you post or think about it at all? These are the types of remarks I find offensive:


"I was talking about real games... Not PSH. LMAO, how the hell did this become in the category of PSH only... grrr..."

" I mean... I only go on PSH when I'm really really bored. Everyone posing(with their avis) and trying to degrade each others on there is entertaining but it get's old pretty quickly."

"When I feel like playing barbies...there's no better place than Playstation Home..."

"Like I said... I was NEVER talking about HOME. I was talking about games in general... No offense but I play games... I don't play dress up... I could care less about HOME... No offense to those that like it but I prefer seeing blood and carnage... Not idiots posing and hitting on 10 year olds, people fighting for no real cause... etc etc..."

"You don't run into it because you either are a part of it or you are gullable..."


Male or female or whatever, I find your remarks offensive.

The above comment is my opinion, except when I quote someone I disagree with, and unless I state a fact. You can disagree with my opinion, but facts are facts.
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Re: warining ghost hackers

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Aug 3, 2014
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Re: warining ghost hackers

Aug 3, 2014

This thread has run its course and will now be locked.

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