Aug 27 2013
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using ps3 web browser within home

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i recently came  across a usefull feature within home i have nt noticed before,to use google etc  within home.

i find it usefull for checking the forums here.


This method is nt great or the most reliable in the world but i thought i would post it incase any other users may find it usefull.


Whilst  in home press the start button on the navigator go to the far right and select the home online help pages.

when on the online manual select the search function in the top left without typing anything in it.


it will show 0 results but in the bottom right show a powered by google icon.

Use the cursor to select the powered by google icon this will open a google search page to type in whatever  you want.


some tips as some of the pages may load as blank pages as the ps3 browser  does nt have  enough cache memory.


I find it seems  to work smoother if  you enter the initial online  manual with the java script switched on

(switch by pressing the triangle button on controller  the select tools javascript on/off  on the pop up menu.

Once you have reached  the google page switch java off.


you can be signed  in and post replies or new topics but  to do this  you need  to sign in on the normal ps3 browser before entering home.


if  you get too many blank pages you can use the tools option on the  browser menu  after  pressing triangle  to delete cache
















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Re: using ps3 web browser within home

Aug 27, 2013

Be really careful with this. Browsing is notorious for crashing Home. The PS3 really can't handle Home and rich media on a website.

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Re: using ps3 web browser within home

Aug 27, 2013
Other browsers that open include - MIB personal browser from LOOT (not men in black related), LKWD gift machine clicking the bottom right corner usually opens up a webpage. Also the old removed brpwser we used to have back in the xi days in what is now called the xi hub. None of these can browse too competently and crash sometimes using them. I dont think you can browse other than what youre linked to.

Conrad_Max may be interested in the info in your OP I know hes been requesting browsers in suggestions for a long time.
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Re: using ps3 web browser within home

Aug 27, 2013


Thats very useful information that I did not know. Thanks ptmacey! Man Happy

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Re: using ps3 web browser within home

Aug 27, 2013

im pleased some people find it usefull

key  to it working  succesfully seems  to  br  do  it in a  low traffic  space and  disabling  the java when actually  reaching the google  search  page  and  leaving  it  off for  further searches and  pages.

and  clear the web  browser cache  frequently  using option from the triangle  button

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