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Re: the secret about the update

Feb 18, 2013

Jinx-Wolf wrote:
It's more of a kid friendly MMO than a social VR.

My little brothers play it, and you can only get so far without subscribing.

I can agree that its more for younger kids then Home.  But I disagree that its not a social network.


As far as "you can only get so far without subscibing"  The same can be said about Home can't it?  How about games in Home? 

  • Xi-2 (Pay to play)
  • EMO-Ray VS The INTERGALACTIC Teddy <3 Bears (Pay to Play)
  • Home Tycoon Rising Aevenues (Free levels but then pay to pay)
  • Home casino (free chips given out at time but for the most part Pay to Play)

Conrad_Max wrote:
It's a free game from SOE. Therefore the cost is non-existent to users. Why don't you give it a try before trying to compare both?

lol, what are you talking about you just said that you have never used FR before?  "I may be wrong, but where Free Realms (a game from SOE)Also, what is your definition of the word "GAME"?  Seem's to me that Free Realms has the same lay out as Home.  It's a VR world that lets people play games if they like.  Or just talk to there friends.

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