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Re: the first Home users?

Jan 25, 2014
Thank you for that information Oltimer01!

I always wonder how it all started. Smiley Happy

*waves at psx*
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Re: the first Home users?

Jan 25, 2014

mrdiamond666 wrote:
I miss the chess tables

Aren't they still at The Playground space?


Im not a closed beta player. I checked out PSHome around Christmas in 08 since I didn't have games for the PS3 yet  Smiley Tongue


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Re: the first Home users?

Jan 27, 2014

smokingpistol wrote:
Unfortuneately Al, I have heard that closed beta shirt has been hacked in the past, so just because you have it, doesnt neccessarily mean its legit.

you do know that i don't have the Closed Beta shirt and never been to the Closed Beta and neither heard of PS Home until i got my first PS3. 



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Re: the first Home users?

Jan 27, 2014

Day one closed beta tester here. If you really want to see more of us who where around (majority were Gamer Advisory Panel members), check out my thread from 2007. It got so massive, I couldn't keep it up, lol.

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Re: the first Home users?

Jan 29, 2014
I first started in open Beta actually on Japan and USA Home in January 2009 . Home has been a great experience for me . I only wish I could get rid of all the T-shirts and better organize my inventory . I am really slowing down buying new fashions because inventory is so overwhelming . Shelley
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Re: the first Home users?

Jan 29, 2014
It was 2008...I think at least. I like most stumbled across the icon a bunch of times and finally out of curiosity clicked it. It had this awesome sound and it only had 3 options. Bowling alley red bull flugtag and something else on like a matrixy background. These are the good memories....sigh. I hardly ever go into Home these days.....what it has become is a shadow of what it was and it makes me sad thinking of the old days...the places....the friends....long gone into the void of no return.....when I see these threads it gets me thinking about those that one day logged out....and never returned. Or got bored with their made up personalities and just created a new many people filled every little area. It was worldly. I used to get excited with the anticipation of logging back in. Those feelings, places, and people are long gone, but at least they live on in my memories Smiley Happy
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Re: the first Home users?

Jan 30, 2014
I can find out later I did get an email and entered a code.

It was middle of 2007 I belive.
They just had decided to close the area where you could visit Japan or Europe Home.
I think they should bring that back.

Or also print back the old home plaza.

I miss the ufo game.

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