Feb 16 2013
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storage since update

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If there is another board with this already created, I apologize, I didn't see it. 

So since the update I noticed that things have been moved out of storage(both clothing and furniture). When I noticed it, I took the time, and moved everything I no longer use back into storage. I also noticed that some of the things I do use more often were put into storage.. When I got off home that night, and logged back in the next day, I went into my wardrobe, and everything is back out of storage. Is this happening to anyone else, does anyone know if it will be fixed? I don't want to go through all these items I no longer use, have a longer load time since there is so many items,  just for one shirt, or one table. Alright, small vent over, I was just trying to figure out if this will be permanent, or if I can actually use storage as it is intended for.

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Re: storage since update

Feb 16, 2013



They are investigating the errors, and collecting feedback here: [FEEDBACK REQUEST] 1.75 Update Feedback/Issue Reports. That's a known issue, and a rather annoying one!

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Re: storage since update

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Feb 16, 2013

1) It's a very known issue.


2) We've been asked to post our feedback in this official thread: [FEEDBACK REQUESTED] 1.75 Update Feedback/Issue Re... 


3) You are not alone. Also see UPDATE 1.75 COMPLAINT THREAD



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