May 27 2014
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I am hosting a HOME USERS UNITE event on NA this upcoming Saturday 05/31/14 
We are going to be going to be gathering around a bunch of older spaces for pictures and decent conversations. 
To bring some life back to PlayStation Home on the PS3 while we hopefully wait for it to come back to us on the Project Morphus for the PS4, Anyways, We want to let all you HOME DEV's know that we're still here, and we would like to see some more public spaces to keep home thriving, The challenge system just is not cutting it, And neither is all the LMO's everyone has been pushing out on us for months upon months on end, It's not the PS4 that drove active home members away, It's the fact that everythings been done before, and nothing's new for us to migrate to, I mean when did Acorn Park become the place to be?? I hate that place, (Personal Opinion) We need NEW bigger public places full of things to enjoy and interact with, And we don't need free items and misc, But we do need GOOD ENTERTAINMENT.  This event should bring that and more, And that's just by all of us gathering together from place to place, Talking, & taking pics for memories and for you all to see, "Hey were still here" I haven't bought a lmo in a long time, and refuse to start now. 
So if your down to have a good time, Please feel free to join us, I will drop a link to the event page on Facebook, If you don't use Facebook, Then just know it will br for NA this time around, and will start this Sat at Serenity Plaza 9:30 pm CST. If you have any other questions please feel free to message me on the ps3, PSN:Ransom_Stark 
Also note, That I will not reply to rants about your personal opinion on this if anyone seems to want to vent, Just know with or without you, We will be having a good time, Hope to see you all there. 

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