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Re: "Free" month of Plus & Muisc Unlimited

Jun 11, 2013
I wish i got up much earlier to get codes BEFORE it went downhill Smiley Sad guess ill leave PS3 on til later then retry for codes so I don't lose progress. I want Last of us/beyond themes and PS+, don't care for rest
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Re: "Free" month of Plus & Muisc Unlimited

Jun 11, 2013

LightOfValkyrie wrote:

ILLUMIN-X wrote:

PM me the code please, I can use my Paypal debit card and delete it after the plus is activated.

I can give you my code once I redo my quests.

Thanks so much, I appreciate it too. My + subscription expired Sunday and I spent at least 20 minutes pouring thru my mail and I dont recall seeing a notice to remind me to renew


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Re: "Free" month of Plus & Muisc Unlimited

Jun 12, 2013

Grand_Moff wrote:

infamousgodV2_0 wrote:

Its not really free people i just tried both codes and both codes said in order to us this u must save CC information. So its only free if u give sony your CC information SMH.

That's still free. Companies, such as Sony, offer this program because they profit from the people who fail to opt out of the automatic contract renewal at the time the offer expires. The only viable way to do this is by holding a valid credit card.


If you don't want either or both of the codes PM me it/them.


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