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Re: (question) spaces not available but saved to your favorites

Jan 25, 2013

myalana wrote:

TC915 wrote:

D-Nitrate wrote:

smokingpistol wrote:
When you say dedicated versions of Hub (3), and mall (3), what do those mean? Whats the difference? Do you mean you have the old mall saved? Doubtful but I have to ask..

No, they are identical to the normally acccesable versions, but not accessable through the list of spaces.  In effect they are permanent instances on a private server.

Yea exactly,.. that's why I'm hoping someone has the Bowling Alley (3) in there favs,.. I have the UK Bowling Alley (3) just not the NA one anymore

I have it should have asked ages ago. I figured you already did too.

Cool Mya thanks ;^)  ,.. i thought I had it saved but somehow in my favs it just says "Bowling Alley" no (3) ,.. lol I honestly didn't think about it till I saw the post here w/ the (3) ,.. I told a few ppl I would give'm a few wins in Snowcrash tonight so I'll get when I get back on Home

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