May 31 2013
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ps home

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hom many items are free in playstation home

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Re: ps home

May 31, 2013



I don't know really but a lot you can see some of the rewards at this site


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Re: ps home

May 31, 2013

It's kinda hard to say some devs like to put some random items at free... but they dont always advertise it... (cough) like loot!!


But you can use AZ4 like the one poster said..but also




If you own a good library of PS3 games you can also try using this link:


Hope these help

From a decision by Sony to move away from Community to focus on Competition...

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To the world of HOME being kept in the dark when so many developers have left already...

A concept focused on profits and Competition have another name in the world of Pro-Community- RIP!

May the trolls, drama makers and competitive personas find joy in Sony - I'll do like soo many others and just move on.

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