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Re: ps home lockwood gift machine JP?

Nov 12, 2012

Actually you need to ask JP Home. Why they are not allowing the LKWD gift machine to be there at this time. Because LKWD has been actively negotiating with JP Home since day one of this gift machines release. As far as loot's eod that's up to Sony to release Crackle in Japan.


No hazu your not being rude. Asking a direct question is always welcome here..

hazu360 wrote:

Are we ever going to get it? i see lots of ppl from the usa saying we want more granzella stuff and complaining not to be a rude Baka but at least you guys get the cool lockwood rooms and gifting. We can't gift or anything and umm id love to watch tv in home any clue if we will see loot stuff as well?? ty and im very sorry if i came off a tad rude | Home Item Database

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