Jan 05 2009
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problems with home

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Almost every time you walk up to someone the graphics become the playstation 1 then if you move the camera it goes back to normal.  A second problem is when your in the bowling ally the pool, bowling ally, and arcades are being used.  I think it would be good if there was some way for multiple people to use it and have their own game room or lobby.
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Re: problems with home

Jan 5, 2009
"The graphics become playstation 1" ~ This happens when another person's avatar is still loading up, you see a low-res version of them for a few seconds, then it becomes normal.

"Bowling Alley" ~ Yes at times the bowling alley is pretty crowded and there's nothing you can do because all the games are occupied. To solve this you could either wait or go to another server. Ex: Go to the Central Plaza then go back to the Bowling Alley.

And yes it would be better if more people could use one arcade and if there were more games.
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