Jul 27 2014
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playstation home quests

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I bring greetins to my fellow playstation home forum posters

It's been  a while since i put up a post  on here


I just want to ask why the ps home quest(s) isn't up this year ?

We had fun doing them Last year

And again i want to ask what happened to this years home quest(s) ?


Thanks for your co-operation

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Re: playstation home quests

Jul 27, 2014
Hi Sassy_Kate the quests were retired and replaced by the home challenges system. You can win rewards by doing various tasks in public spaces much like with quests. Right now we are in between seasons, but shortly (probably this week or next) we will get a new season with new rewards. Hope that explains it a bit.
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Re: playstation home quests

Jul 28, 2014

Thanks  smokinpistol for the info

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