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Re: nFashion - Street Wear Collection from nDreams

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May 30, 2013

Either way it goes you guys have a history of being waaaaaaaaaaaaay off base as far as appealing clothes go.

The dance animations are ok, but why not offer what people want as opposed to what you THINK they want ?

Its because of that business practice I havent bought anything in close to a month.

The novelty of owning everything new has worn off and now its a matter of appeal.

Plus, I wait to see if spaces or animations are buggy before buying now. I'm still waiting for Savage Manor to be fixed and excuses aint cuttin it any more.


nDreams_Joey wrote:

Legendary_Vicki wrote:
Joey, are you saying we can already buy these dances? Smiley Tongue

Hey I know Illumin-x likes to call us nSchemes but we wouldn't reuse the dances from previous models and package them up as something new!


EDEA - I'll have a look into that for you, see if we still have them lying around anywhere. Can't promise we can get those ones released as packs, there may have been reasons those particular ones wern't released seperatley.

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