Jul 13 2012
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large spaces and active items

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I like many I love large spaces but they are very difficult to decorate. Lets take the cathedral, it is huge but when I think of an cathedral I think of people sitting in pews or priest walking around and talking. I would hope devlopers think about making better active items like ndreams Paparazzi Paparazzi but  have priest instead talking 


Another example is Luxurious tropical paradise beach crib from diesel doesn't look luxurious it reminds me of a dead island where zombies are walking around 



my last examples  is the M.A.G. spaces it is a great place where if we have active paintball guns with pop up shooting targets or shooting range like in dead nation house. I know it can be done because Juggernaut Games did with MiniBots: Battlebox  then we can get actives items that makes sense for large spaces.  I know this probable belongs in the suggestion threads but I wanted to know what you guys think.

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