Dec 12 2013
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impromptu "PIG" today

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What is PIG?  Player Inspect Gathering TM

At the suggestion of Thew in the Junk Guy X-Mas codes thread 


Thew902 wrote:
Whoever won should hold an impromptu PIP tonight. Smiley Very HappyNOW, last night with everything else going on it was too short notice, but I think this is a wonderful Idea, thank you Thew.  So in the spirit of giving (which is what DOD did yesterday), I would like to have an impromptu Player Inspect Gathering and offer those who would like to get the "Junkmobile" LMO a week early the opportunity to do so.


First off I would need the participation of those who won/own one since you can only buy the one the current person has and NOT the other colored ones.  I have the pink and my sweetheart has the blue, so anyone that has the white, black, red or yellow please reach out to me before the gathering if you wish to participate, your participation is greatly appreciated.  


Date:  Thrusday, December 12, 2013

Place:  Acorn Meadows Winter Holiday Celebration - since its already very festive Smiley Happy

Time:  8pm-9:30pm (EST) - to give everyone enough time 

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Re: impromptu "PIG" today

Dec 12, 2013

Glad you're as excited about the Junkmobile LMOs as we are!


I will say though...since the LMOs come in 6 colors PLUS furniture items in 6 colors...there may be value bundles worth waiting for! Smiley Wink



(I'm not trying to stop anyone from buying single LMO colors, just want people to be better informed beforehand so they don't end up wishing they waited until next week. Personally, I can't wait to use the giant EOD and a fleet of multicolored Junkmobiles to make my very own drive-in!)





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Re: impromptu "PIG" today

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Dec 12, 2013

Thank you Stephie, that's a very good point you make, its always good to make an educated decisions that way we don't regret them later.

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Re: impromptu "PIG" today

Dec 12, 2013

I have the Black one. I'll see you there!

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Re: impromptu "PIG" today

Dec 13, 2013


I'll come along too with my white junkmobile. See you all there!Man Happy 

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