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Re: home for about 5 min and then gone

Apr 25, 2007

chawknz wrote:
I'm willing to bet signups will be available for multiple days, not hours.

Let's see... 700,000 PSN users all ready for the Home Beta Trial registrations.
15,000 spots open. The site will accomadate massive lag, and be filled up within an hour

15,000 people this round, 50,000 more later in the summer.

Right there that equals 65,000 people.  You also need to remember Sony wants to hand pick people based on their demographics, so if they got just 65,000 registrations, it is possible only 30,000 of those people will be of intrest to Sony.  What does that mean?  It means they will be looking for a LOT more registrations than just 65,000 people.  Not to mention that during the beta test, it is quite possible for the population to decline, so Sony will want to back fill those spots, so that means even more people.

Sony will want a large pool of people to pick from.  Registrations will be open for a good while.

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