Apr 18 2007
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home beta testing all hype?

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mind you thers are just my though.... but as someone that works with the biggest manes in the music biz.... and working in the entertainment field the 1st thing thats needs to be understood is to sell anything you have to hype it get the word out  create a buzz!!!!!!!!!!!!   well sony has surely done that..... their are major artists as well as at least 1 tv show wanting a store in home.... god only knows how many of you are out there wanting home....... yes the buzz has begun
now i also thing  some beta testing has allready begun and in time the doors will open for more to come play.   with a undertakeing like this their cant be a week product or 1 that has a lot of errors
now how will sony choose of the general public in it wont be 1st come untill this thing it tested
again it seems all of us are caught in the hype..... we need to step back a bit and let things happen
i havent seen a cd come out on time  so just like this it will come out  but i feel a bit longer than expected        fall of 08  buzztv   its comming..................................
see you soon in home
b rad
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Re: home beta testing all hype?

Apr 18, 2007
I believe the answer is yes?

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