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Re: getting sick from bullying

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Jul 24, 2012

I have no problem with trolls. I ignore them. It works 99 percent of the time. We have tools including ignore, mute and reporting the abusers. My point is that you'll be bullied only if you let yourself be. If they elect to put their nose in my privates or dance on me let them. They'll leave eventually. No response no fun. It's simple. 


Very rarely have I ever felt the need to leave a particular space because of the actions of others. 


That's not to excuse the bad behavior or the fact that we could use more active moderation. They did have it at one time on Home years ago. It's rare now that you see a moderators text in home.


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Re: getting sick from bullying

Jul 24, 2012

Hey all, this thread has been cleaned and locked due to accusations and flaming. Please refrain from starting any new threads on this same topic, as they will also be locked or removed. I realize some of you have strong opinions about certain other users in Home, but the public forums are not the right place to discuss them.


Thanks for your understanding,


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