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Re: furniture limit

Jan 26, 2013

Dr_Do-Little wrote:

Joanna_Dark_ wrote:

Glasswalls has stated that they aren't working on furniture limit increases at the moment and that it isn't on any roadmap to do so. He also said that PS3 memory is limited after all. I don't have the link sorry. 

 He also said wardrobe in friends private place was not possible for security reasons... Smiley Wink

This might be the good side of cloud save.


And remember when he said "knock it off Julie"?Smiley Happy


Ohhhh the things he's said...or didn't say.Cat WinkCat Tongue

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Re: furniture limit

Jan 26, 2013
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Re: furniture limit

Jan 26, 2013

Lots of things have been said lately some of which I'd prefer not to think about. Smiley Sad

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Re: furniture limit

Jan 26, 2013
:^/ It's been observed that "If you open your mouth while you are angry, you'll utter the best speech you'll ever regret." -and that goes double on Internet message boards, where there's no undo for send....
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Re: furniture limit

Jan 26, 2013
Hi here about the limit on slot from 100 to 200 and why they can't do it.

Precisely. Let's assume the estate defaults to 100 / 11 (one-hundred items and eleven guests, which is the current norm). The idea is to have a core update which introduces a user-controlled slider, so that you could subtract from one memory channel to add more to another. You could raise the furniture cap to 200, but your visitor cap would be reduced to six, for instance. And, if you attempted to invite more, you would receive a pop-up prompt telling you to decrease your furniture allocation.

Or, conversely, if you needed to entertain a large group, you could slide in the other direction and go down to 50 items -- but have room for, say, 20 guests instead of 11 (although, at that point, a clubhouse might make more sense). You would then be prompted to remove the correct number of furniture items before the change could take effect.

It's exactly the same amount of memory, but the user has been given far greater flexibility over utilizing it -- which is exactly what Sony did with the Home 1.65 core client update, by the way, to much popular support.

In general, the average number of guests per estate (when you look at the user population and its activity as a whole) is quite low -- which means that a big chunk of an entire memory channel is sitting there, wasted. So this would be a method for the user to enjoy a higher furniture cap without feeling much of a trade-off -- and, indeed, the user would be in full control of the allocation, so if there was a special event which merited a high number of guests, it would simply be a matter of removing the excess furniture and moving the slider back in the other direction.

Is it as good as a magic-wand core update that simply gave the consumer more of everything? No. But it may be a more feasible low-cost alternative in the short term while we wait and hope for something on a larger scale.

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Dec 12
TSUNADE1224 wrote:
I am curious to know if theres any updates on whether the amount of slots for furniture items will increase. The amount of personal spaces being sold on home that are larger in size is increasing ... i.e Blueprint Home, Avalon Keep and the new Lockwood Dream Island. I dont see how this isnt possible being that ur funiture is saved to ur HDD and not on Sony's servers. Oh, not to mention the LOOT TV's that take 26 spaces (including wall mount or tv stand). So Sony? .... Whats the 411?

As of now, the chances are not likely. It's not on any future Home update roadmap and may not be possible after the upped it last time (there is a limit to the memory, after all).

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