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Re: funny reason why there will be no casino in HOME

Apr 1, 2007

Jolly1 wrote:

GoBlue_ wrote:
yea card sites got shut down because Bush passed a bill a while back to try and stop them.  However, as long as the site isnt based in the U.S. you can play online poker.  So as long as PSCasino (i like the name already) isnt based in the U.S. then it should be fine.  Alot of companies use england because they are lax towards these sort of things.

I know it's "cool" and all to bash Bush for making this or that illegal, but the bill banning online gambling was passed (as all bills are) by the U.S. Congress.

Pretty sure our  president has the ability to Veto any Bill.  And yes then it can go back to congress and still be passed with 2/3 votes.  But unless Bush vetoed that bill, then he approved of it, so saying he passed the bill isn't to far of a stretch to say.
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