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[ ethical/unethical advertising? ] Konami $12.99 Jetsetter Luxury Plane Personal Space

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  • 1). Introduction

  • 2). Pro & Cons

  • 3). Analyzing the situation

         - what was ethically advertised?

         - advertised vs reality

         - what was falsely advertised/misleading?

  • 4). How to advertise this ethically and properly

  • 5). Closing words

         - new rules & regulations that sony needs to enforce

  • 6). FAQs, links and other info

         - I address my past irrational aggressive behaviour and admit the truth


1). Introduction:


What do you think? ethical or unethical advertising?

I was compelled from the news to make a thread regarding Konami's Jetsetter personal space and how people believe the pricing is absolutely not justified and littered with limitations of interactivity as well as having other bad quirks.

However, there are people out there, some being personal space collectors or even just casual consumers -- that don't find this as much of a big problem than other people are believing it to be, and also were somewhat satisfied with their purchase.

This thread will discuss whether Konami/Sony were either ethical or unethical in advertising. To be more specific, advertising that involved accuracy and truthfulness.

This will also serve as a reminder for all the developer/publisher/business/marketing people out there on what not to do when you are advertising a product being put out on the market.

Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. developed the Jetsetter Luxury Plane Personal Space and Sony published it to PlayStation Home. The pricing is set at $12.99

Before I continue, let me lay out the pros and cons collected from other users:

2). Pros & Cons:



  • The luxury plane was designed very nicely, with vibrant light settings, gold decorations and built-in furniture

  • Offers a playable minigame called Storm Ace that offers a reward for getting a 1000pt. high score

  • The mini-giraffe pet as the reward for Storm Ace is actually cool and also a homage to the DirecTV 'Opulence, I has it' advertisement

  • Working reflections on the mirrors

  • Features a glass panel floor to see the sky below

  • Captures the feeling and ambience of being on a luxury plane

  • For a luxury plane, the interior size is rather large and not too cramped

  • The luxury plane offers a kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, cockpit, main quarters and several lounging areas with multiple televisions



  • The $12.99 is completely overpriced for what it is worth. Does not reflect the quality to justified the price

  • The advertisement had stated the luxury plane was "fully decked", which is not true since the remaining furniture items associated with that space are for sale only at a bundle of $7.99

  • No wall hanging picture frame slots present

  • You cannot turn off/on all four of the television screens

  • All four television screens repeat the same Konami Home ad and are out of sync

  • All four television screens also blurts out 'KONAMI!' incessantly which is very annoying, plus the fact that all four televisons are placed strategically around the personal space so you can barely escape the noise

  • You can't change/remove the built-in furniture.

  • No interaction with various furniture items such as the built-in jacuzzi that was advertised, or the appliances in the kitchen

  • The Storm Ace minigame has a random, ridiculous difficulty curve and some find it impossible to beat.

  • The only reward that you can win from the minigame is a mini-giraffe pet. But at least I has opulence.

  • You can't get in the Jacuzzi at all and actually sit on it, unless you place a chair/ramp in the middle to sit inside it.

  • Only One Spawn Point for furniture placement.

  • Would have expected to have NPC pilots to at least be flying the plane. Guess its on auto-pilot and you're the pilot.

  • Owners can't add any large furniture, and  are also given a warning message reminding them about that every time they visit this personal space

  • Konami is borrowing Sony's tradition that if its designed with gold, then it's justified to hike the price way up like the Home Mansions.



3). Analyzing the situation:


"Jetsetter – Konami invites you to fly across the globe in your own luxury plane. This personal space comes with elegant furniture, a built-in Jacuzzi, and an exclusive game (Storm Ace).  Play. Relax. Enjoy!"


In my own personal opinion, I believe that unethical advertising was performed in part by Sony/Konami.

So what leads me to believe this to be the case?

  • Sony/Konami had intentionally left out details/information for the product that they have advertised

  • The actual product did not reflect what was originally advertised

  • The single and only pictoral advertisement provided and used by Sony/Konami on the Official North American Sony PlayStation Home Blog contained false/misleading information.
  • The promotional marketing text from the official North American Sony PlayStation Home blog also contained a lack of information as well as false/misleading info


There wasn't a lot of consistent facts to present, but here it is:

1. It really is a luxury airplane

2. It does reflect what a 'superstar' would want to have

3. It does come with a minigame called 'storm ace'


Comparison using the example of tacos and the Jetsetter Luxury Plane

Jersquall wrote:

Does it keep you from buying Taco's? That is up to you.

                        Advertised                            Reality


Advertised taco:

  • Filled with simmered spiced ground beef
  • Topped with crispy greens
  • Sprinkled with shredded natural cheese
  • On a crunchy, nice hard-shell taco

Reality taco:

  • Filled with...wait, where is all the ground beef? I kind of see it...sort of.
  • Topped with left-over greens from yesterday's batch
  • Sprinkled with shredded processed cheese
  • On a mushy hard/soft shell taco, which was going to happen when you slop hot things like greasy cooked ground beef inside it.

1 - So where did the beef go? Sometimes, fast-food production will not take time to deliver the actual product that reflects the quality of the advertised product. Either out of laziness, rushing or incompetence.

Comparing that to the Jetsetter Luxury Plane, things that you saw on the advertisement, may actually be missing

Or things that were never even mentioned in the advertisement, such as the inclusion of multiple televisions inside the Luxury Plane repeating the same Konami advertisements out of sync for example?

2 - The cooked ground beef is actually not cooked. If it was, the grease content of the simmered ground beef combined with the heat would of reduced the hard shell taco into a soft mushy shell.

Something being advertised may not appear displayed. The only picture being used to advertise the Jetsetter Luxury Plane only showed one area of the personal space. Why didn't they produce a video?

Not only that, what about the advertised taco shell? It looks perfect -- but did it reflect the quality of what you saw as advertised after buying it? In this example, no. Use that thought in comparison for the Jetsetter Luxury Plane, and form your own judgment.

3 - Crispy greens like the one advertised occur more in high-quality restaurants, which take more time to set up.  The reality taco is the product of fast-food chains. Similar to Konami/Sony rushing out the Jetsetter Luxury Plane for people to buy right away when it still has a lot of flaws in reality that need to be fixed. However, these sort of flaws shouldn't have been missed as they are very obvious.

Did they lack the testing? Or was the Jetsetter Luxury Plane personal space released since March 7th, 2012, un-fixed/changed -- intended to be the final product with the limitations and flaws included?

4 - The most frequent type of cheese used in fast-food chains are in fact processed cheese.

Again, go to a high-quality authentic restaurant that specializes in tacos and you'll find that they would most likely use natural cheese. In comparison to the Jetsetter Luxury Plane, remind yourself about the 'elegant furniture' and 'built-in jacuzzi' which I will bring up again shortly below.

Are 'facts' being presented on the advertisement actually facts? You will not know for sure until you find that out yourself.

Now onto the comparison of advertised vs. reality for the Jetsetter Luxury Plane


Jetsetter – Konami invites you to fly across the globe in your own luxury plane. This personal space comes with elegant furniture, a built-in Jacuzzi, and an exclusive game (Storm Ace).  Play. Relax. Enjoy!

Advertised Jetsetter Luxury Plane:

Jetsetter – Konami invites you to fly across the globe in your own luxury plane. This personal space comes with elegant furniture, a built-in Jacuzzi, and an exclusive game (Storm Ace).  Play. Relax. Enjoy!

  • Comes with elegant furniture

  • A built-in Jacuzzi

  • Features an exclusive game called Storm Ace

  • Is fully decked

  • Also says that "this comes with a Storm Ace minigame"

    • There is a tag line that says: "RELAX. PLAY. ENJOY."

    • One of the header tags has the word "$UPER$TAR" on it.

    • The plane is decorated with gold, like the Home Mansions

    • Judging from the picture, the space seems brightly lit and somebody had took the time to put a lot of detail into the interior to make it aesthetically pleasing


    • It "has the best pilots around"? Interesting, so NPC pilots will be flying our luxury private plane for us?

    • Judging from the preview picture, there are two blank screens placed on each wall of the luxury plane.

    Are they for wall hanging slots? Or interactive working television screens like the EOD TV from LOOT so we can watch Crackle and movies on demand?

    Reality Jetsetter Luxury Plane:

    Take a look a this video submitted from a user who purchased this space, and not by Sony who did not bother to provide an official promotional advertising video to promote Konami's product. Be aware of all the complaints brought up from chelada on this video.

    This video also helps by representing the very obvious Konami television advertisement, out-of-sync audio problem. Play, relax, enjoy!]

    • The 'elegant furniture' was actually built-in to the luxury plane. This means you can't re-arrange it, nor use the furniture in other personal spaces.

    • The built-in jacuzzi being advertised is actually in reality not interactive as in there is no option given to sit inside it.

    The only thing you can do with the jacuzzi is pretty much stare at it knowing you can't properly use it, given the clear limitation of  the feature to sit inside the built-in jacuzzi being advertised is non-existant. So pretty much, the jacuzzi is a waste of space.

    By the way, Sony/Konami never bothered to provide a picture of the built-in Jacuzzi that they used as an advertising point. So I'll do them the favor of showing it to all of you instead:

    • The exclusive Storm Ace minigame in reality, turned out to be a flying-simulator based minigame where you dodge lightning storms, collect bonus rings and try to earn a high score of 1000pts for only one prize



    Now explain to us Konami/Sony, why was it that difficult to provide screencaps of the minigame for the consumers? Thanks for tricking me into believing I was expecting some sort of Ace Combat - type combat jet fighter game with a title like 'Storm Ace', when the actual game is literally a 'Storm Ace' dodging a lightning storm.

    We just want you to be more descriptive and accurate about what you're advertising. A description, video or a snapshot of 'Storm Ace' isn't hard to do.

    • The tag line on the advertised picture stating "PLAY. RELAX. ENJOY." -- which in majority is not true.

    Sure you can play, but there is no way to properly relax or enjoy yourself inside the Jetsetter Luxury Plane, when there are four televisions playing the same Konami advertisement with blaring audio, and all out-of-sync.

    Check Carla_Birch's tour video that I have posted above to see for yourself.

    So technically and literally, the tagline is false and misleading.

    Makes you wonder why Sony/Konami never bothered to provide a video advertisement or more pictures fully showing the entire Jetsetter Luxury Plane, revealing the fact Sony/Konami had placed tools for aggressive advertising by using video advertisements on multiple television monitors, which was intentionally held back for the public to know.

    However they did actually advertise the TV screens, but that was only for the Estates Store preview, and even so, they didn't make a mention of it. Why bother schilling advertisements on paid products when they could of took advantage of the television monitors and feature on-demand video/movie services like the LOOT EOD/Crackle.

    They can simply slip in Konami advertisements while movies/videos are loading. Now theres an idea just for you, Konami/Sony.



    • The Jetsetter Luxury Plane is in fact "FULLY DECKED".

    But in which way and to what extent? Since its such a broad statement and unclear, there are two things for me to expect.

    A). Fully decked with furniture/ornaments that we can arrange ourselves and transferable to other personal spaces

    B). Fully decked with built-in furniture which is not arrangable or transferable to other personal spaces

    The reality would be B).

    The personal space is fully-decked with built-in furniture.

    Not only that, there are remaining furniture pieces associated with the Jetsetter Luxury Plane and is not included with the personal space . You'll have to buy the bundle for $7.99 or buy them all separately which would total up in price and become more expensive than the bundle

    So technically, it's not even fully-decked. A person could surmise that advertised tagline as having ALL furniture being included.

    I'll cover more about this point further on.

    • Finally there is a consistent fact here:

    The Jetsetter Luxury Plane is in fact luxurious and suitable for '$UPER$TAR'-type Home users who are into exclusive high-priced virtual content and exclusive things. The space uses a lot of gold decorations; The kitchen is even decorated with gold too.

    The over-use of gold is rather prominent, which is very similar to the Home Mansion published by Sony SCEA. It might be another reason why the Jetsetter Luxury Plane is priced so high at $12.99 -- simply based on the theme of gold.

    Similar to a first time buyer of any Home Mansion personal space starting off at $14.99. The only redeeming factor with the Home Mansion spaces are exclusive tie-in perks with other personal spaces developed and published by Sony SCEA like the Nebula Airship and Tycoon Penthouse.

    The Jetsetter Luxury Plane developed by Konami on the other hand does not even state that it will include tie-in perks with other future Konami-developed content on PlayStation Home. So is the $12.99 pricing justified still?

    • Unfortunately, we are back to the many inconsistencies once again. Remember the line on the store preview screen that said it had "the best pilots around"?


    I'll let this next picture speak for itself.

    Another case of blatant false advertising. The auto-pilot button does not count as the best pilots around in case any of you were wondering.

    If there was an excuse to cover that lie up, I'll take a guess that it was an intentional sarcastic joke made by Sony/Konami to trick the people buying this personal space -- just as it was a slap in the face for having four strategically placed television monitors playing the same Konami advertisement with obnoxiously loud audio and all being out-of-sync.

    • Compare these two pictures:

    1. The actual Jetsetter Luxury Plane is not brightly lit as advertised. In reality, it's rather dark, muddy and sparsely lit in most areas.

    It's evident that the advertised picture was touched up and photoshopped to the point that it barely reflected the true/original product.

    2. The advertisement provided by Sony/Konami intentionally excluded/cropped out the inclusion of TV screens which were used to advertise the one and only same Konami advertisement repeatedly.

    Watch Carla Birch's video of the Jetsetter Luxury Plane again and fast forward to 1:07 on the video to compare what was advertised, and what was actually reality.




    "This personal space comes with elegant furniture"

    True and not true. It does come with 'elegant furniture', but all of them are built-in to the personal space. I would of misconstued this lack of information as furniture being included with the personal space for me to arrange, further convincing me wanting to buy it.

    The picture advertised and provided by Sony/Konami doesn't look like the furniture was built-in, but in reality -- it is.

    Konami/Sony could of stated "This personal space comes with built-in elegant furniture". They did it when they advertised the built-in Jacuzzi as a marketing point-- so why not this?



    Not true. It is not "FULLY DECKED" as advertised. You still have to purchase the separate furniture items associated with the Jetsetter Luxury Plane to actually fully-deck it and that costs $7.99 for the bundle. Saying "Own a fully decked luxury plane today" leaves me to believe that ALL of the furniture items are included with this space, which again, is not true.

    Also not to mention, taking advantage of impulse buyers that actually want the complete package i.e the fully decked advertised marketing point, and then hoping they put in another $7.99 just for the furniture bundle.

    It's been known in the past that there are people out there who fail to read between the lines, and I personally think Sony/Konami is taking advantage of that.

    Is it not enough to just advertise the tagline as "OWN A LUXURY PLANE TODAY!" and just leave out the broad and unclear "FULLY DECKED" portion? Did you want to intentionally trick consumers with false information or state a half-baked truth?

    As for the $12.99 price of the Jetsetter Luxury Plane:

    I'm going to make the assumption that the reason for the price being so expensive was more or less to justify the "FULLY DECKED" statement in the advertisement, as in the high price covered for all the "elegant furniture' included in the space and the mini-game which honestly shouldn't have cost so much -- even if the reward was a little giraffe pet.

    Not to mention all the 'elegant furniture' being built-in to the luxury plane which we cannot re-arrange or transfer to other personal spaces.

    Referring back with the Lockwood Dream Yacht, that personal space is massively huge, rewards people with a total of 30 furniture items/ornaments so they can freely decorate their entire yacht, and the best part is the price.


    A personal space called the Warhawk Apartment is also an airplane and also offers a minigame of its own, and that only costs for a total of $4.99. However, there are separate furniture items that are not included with this personal space. At least it wasn't advertised as being 'FULLY DECKED'. Even the official blog provided a video for the personal space:

    Konami is definitely guilty of overcharging their content here, especially when the pricing does not justify the quality. Companies should not feel that price hikes are warranted simply based on their name or product.

    One example is the Metal Gear Solid Big Boss outfit which offers no functionality and is priced at $5.99. Sony's and Konami's pricing decisions need to be changed in my opinion to appropriately reflect the quality of the product being put on sale.


    As I pointed out earlier, the advertised picture and marketing text provided by Sony/Konami does not reflect the true/original product.

    reality jetsetter.png


    4). How to advertise this ethically and properly


    I will present how Sony/Konami could of advertised the Jetsetter Private Plane more ethically and properly.

    Using the preview picture advertised from the Home Estates store menu, I will create a new advertisement and also provide my own marketing text with more accuracy and truthfulness.


    Jetsetter – Konami invites you to fly across the globe in your own luxury plane. This personal space comes with elegant furniture, a built-in Jacuzzi, and an exclusive game (Storm Ace).  Play. Relax. Enjoy!

    ^ ^ ^

    v v v


    -the advertisement provided below was designed to mimic the original provided by Sony/Konami using shadow borders. I did not retouch or photoshop the original screen shot of the Jetsetter Private Plane. I have changed/added/removed information that applies to the personal space in order to reflect the true/original product -


    Jetsetter – Konami invites you to fly across the globe in your own luxury plane. This personal space is decked with built-in elegant furniture and appliances, which you can fully *decorate with the optional Jetsetter furniture bundle for only $7.99.

    Your own private plane will also include a kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, **jacuzzi room, several lounging areas, ***multiple Konami advertisement television screens, and finally a cockpit featuring the exclusive Storm Ace minigame.

    Take control of your luxury plane in this minigame by dodging lightning strikes, collecting bonus rings and achieving a high score for your chance to win a mystery prize. Do you have what it takes to be a Storm Ace?

    The Superstar - Jetsetter Private Plane will be priced at $12.99

    * owners will be given a warning message to not place large furniture every time they enter the personal space

    ** built-in jacuzzi is not interactive

    ** owners cannot turn off the television screens


    1. Provide all the necessary info, screen shots and also a video for the advertised personal space so consumers can do proper research

    2. Be truthful, clear and accurate with information

    3. Do not manipulate product images to a point that it does not reflect the true/original product


    5). Closing words


    Lack of information, false/misleading advertising and highly questionable pricing decisions should not be tolerated, anywhere.

    If you took the time to read all of the information provided in this first post -- you are now free to make a judgment call.

    Do I believe Sony and Konami are guilty of making bad decisions, being lazy to produce a promotional video, and performing manipulative acts by distorting information for the intent of covering flaws up in order to encourage more sales based on the evidence I've compiled here?

    Yes -- but that's my opinion.

    It's up to all of you, to take all the information I've gathered and then make your own conclusions. Do your own research, present facts/evidence and then make a judgment call. So, what do you think?

    Was this a case of ethical advertising?

    Or was this a case of unethical advertising?

    Ask yourselves this:

    Do you want this sort of situation and problem to continue on PlayStation Home?

    Or do you want it to stop, and have Sony take up responsibility by enforcing new rules and regulations on how advertising and marketing is done inside and outside PlayStation Home?

    Sony and Konami still earns a considerable profit from this $12.99 pricing scheme regardless if the majority of you intend to not buy it. People are still going to buy it out of curiosity and false advertising/lack of/misleading information as of March 7th, 2012.

    As of this edit:

    Sony and Konami has not provided an official statement or addressed the problems of the Jetsetter Luxury Plane for:

    6 days

    Is Sony/Konami intentionally avoiding public communications in order to garner more sales as the days go on?

    Picture this: Going back to those 50-100+ people on March 7th, 2012 that morning who bought that space:

    Jetsetter Luxury Plane Personal Space - $12.99

    50 x $12.99 = $679.50 earned in sales

    100 x $12.99 = $1299.00 earned in sales

    500 x $12.99 = $6495.00 earned in sales

    1000 x $12.99 = $12,990.00 earned in sales

    Was Sony/Konami being greedy? That's your call.

    Did Sony/Konami scam people who bought this personal space? That's your call.

    Do you want Konami/Sony to use all that money to continue making products similar to the Jetsetter Luxury Plane, using the same marketing/advertising tactics? That's your call.

    The most humorous part is Konami placing multiple television screens advertising its company brand incessantly, as to rub salt into the wounds of unsuspecting purchasers of this space and to schill more of their products on Home for people to buy.

    Intentional insult? or something else?

    I recommend Sony to enact several things immediately ASAP:


    1. Full description of the product and nothing being intentionally witheld/undisclosed from the consumer. Be accurate and truthful with information, and not vague or broad.

    2. More interactive previews/open houses for new/all personal spaces. Enable video previews for personal spaces inside the PlayStation Home Estate store menu for consumers to see personal spaces/etc. with more detail and accuracy of what they are about to purchase.

    Enable measurement settings for previews on furniture items. Differentiate between height, width and the total size.

    Incorporate more open houses for new personal spaces in the future so users can demo it and judge for themselves if the product is worth buying.

    3. Enable a 5-star rating system for all content sold on PlayStation Home when users preview the content before/after purchasing it.

    Better yet, only allow users to rate a product once they puchased it so the rating system is genuine and not abusable. Allow users to type up their own reviews/comments inside the store menu for developers/publishers to read in order to either fix/improve their content.

    Also only allow users that purchased the content to also write public reviews on the store menu preview for any particular item in order for other consumers to read them. Inappropriate feedback/reviews should have the option to be reportable.

    4. That Sony marketing staff take the time to layout full details of upcoming future content on the PlayStation Home blog. For example, an actual official promotional video advertisement showing the personal space and all of its advantages/disadvantages instead of just showing only a touched-up edited picture to hide those faults.

    The business division responsible for operations on PlayStation Home should also make more rational pricing/business oriented decisions as well.


    5). FAQs, links and other info


    - Frequently Asked Questions -



    Why did the official European PlayStation Home Blog provide a picture for the Storm Ace minigame when the official North American PlayStation Home Blog didn't?

    EU Blog -posted on March 6th 2012-

    NA Blog -posted on March 5th 2012-


    Last up this week, Konami invites you to fly across the globe in your personal luxury plane. Available in the Estates store in the Shopping Centre, this plane comes with elegant furniture and a minigame.

    Impress your friends with the Jacuzzi in the back or the many sofas for relaxing throughout the plane. Play. Relax. Enjoy!


    Probably the same reason why the public theater space over at the EU region of Home didn't put a VIP/Exclusive rope tied to the Home Mansions, but the NA region of Home actually did.

    Business/marketing decisions being conducted behind the scenes. Each region does things differently, and usually the EU region makes a lot of rational marketing/business decisions -- but they really flubbed up when they too are guilty of providing the same false/misleading information on the blog regarding to the Jetsetter Private Plane.

    I doubt people over at EU Home who've purchased the personal space will be impressing their friends with the advertised non-interactive jacuzzi in which they can't use.



    Why are you taking this so seriously? Why bother wasting your time putting all this information up? You know nothing is going to change.


    Why am I taking this so seriously? Because I aim to help put a stop to this occuring problem from happening in the future. I do not want to see people complaining about buyer's remorse because most of the time -- they never had a chance to make a fully rational decision as I've pointed out earlier.

    Instead of reprimanding people to do research first before buying a product, let's make Sony help all of us by providing all the tools and information needed for consumers to research content and make better decisions more conveniently. No more sugar coating and misleading people -- it's time to be honest, more open and accurate.

    I've taken the time out of my personal life to lay down all this information for all of you to form your own conclusions. This is the time to take action. Not later -- Now.

    If you believe nothing is going to change -- you are part of this ongoing problem. People just simply give up, and enable these companies/developers/publishers to continue practicing these unethical marketing business tactics. As long as they believe the perception of no consequences happening, nothing is going to change.

    Ask yourself, are you the kind of person who gives up and doesn't care?

    Or are you the kind of person who wants to take initiative, take action and see changes made for the better regardless of all the roadblocks ahead?




    Why should we take you seriously now since days before, for the past 12 pages, you were acting like an aggressive, plow-through person who didn't want to accept the opinions of others, expressing heavily-biased negative opinions, ignored points that were brought up to you and also resorted to using insulting epithets to certain posters


    Good question.

    Think outside the box.

    I would like to thank all of you for taking part in my social experiment

    Yes, I was intentionally acting irrational on purpose.


    To prove a point.

    On page 13, post 192. -

    I issued a formal apology for my past behaviour and actions. I've addressed them, assured that fixes and improvements would be made and have stopped harrassing certain users.

    It took me one day to have a thread in which people were rallying behind -- and then suddenly making a negative 180° turn by having everybody hate me, paint me as a public enemy and conclude that I killed my own thread.

    It only took me the next day to take responsibility of my past actions by posting a public apology to all of you, addressing the problems I've caused and assured that improvements and fixes will be made.

    For about 5 days, I've finally completed that goal.

    If you already guessed where I'm getting at with all this -- good work.

    In just one day , Sony had published the Jetsetter Private Plane developed by Konami in the Home Estates for $12.99 for people to purchase with all the limitations/flaws, including the current marketing/promotional info provided in the official blog.

    On that same exact day,  people went on the message boards causing a stir by expressing their contempt and frustration with the Jetsetter Private Luxury Plane.

    As of March 13th , Sony and Konami did not provide any form of communication to users of PlayStation Home regarding this situation. The official blogs remain the same, and limitations/flaws in the Jetsetter personal space still exist.

    Think outside the box.

    Let me get this out here, I would like to formally apologize to all of you if you felt that I've manipulated you with my behaviour and actions

    It was morally wrong of me to manipulate and deceive people with my irrational behaviour for the past 12 pages on this thread, I fully admit that. But I chose to do it in order to prove a point. How many days again did Sony/Konami chose to not take responsibility for their actions?

    Nearly a week as of this edit.

    My social experiment was to reflect the similar behaviour that I believe Sony/Konami expressed.

    What did Sony and Konami do?

    They manipulated consumers, held back certain info and caused a lot of contempt and frustration for many people.

    What did I do?

    I manipulated forum users, held back from agreeing on points, disagreed with people irrationally, and caused a lot of contempt against me from many people.

    So what is the difference between me and Sony/Konami?

    I addressed the problems I've caused, issued an apology to the public, admitted my faults, and assured to make improvements/fixes for my thread/behaviour. Best of all, I did that in only 1 day.

    Sony and Konami on the other hand chose to do nothing for over 6 days and ongoing.

    I've calculated the risks and outlined my plan beforehand. I do know that most of you will not forgive me and I also have a feeling that Sony will possibly take action against me for creating this thread. I've got nothing to gain from this. I'm a nobody on these message boards, with no respect to gain, and probably faced with the threat of being banned from posting on the forum.

    This thread may seem really damaging to Sony and Konami, but that's brutal honesty for you.

    If you think I'm just doing this to gain popularity and earn 'likes' -- then I say take your likes and shove 'em. Still like my brutal honesty?

    This thread is not about me.

    This thread is about the Jetsetter Luxury Plane and if Sony/Konami used ethical or unethical advertising. I want all of you to form your own conclusions and taking in all the evidence and info I've provided on this thread.

    I want you all to do your own research, present evidence and finally form a judgment call in the end.

    Honestly, if you still have resentment towards me -- then by all means, I will not hold it against you.

    For most of the users that I have been aggressive towards or rubbed the wrong way, please do not take it personally. I did in fact agreed on points in which I publicly did not agree with -- only so I didn't blow my cover and plan.

    Why did I say 'most' and not 'all' people?

    Being honest again, I do have genuine dislike for certain users I did not like because of unrelated issues

    So once again, I apologize -- and would like to thank you all as well.

    - Links and other info -

    If you would like to know more about the standards of practice for advertising:

    Standards of advertising practice and creative code:

    If you would like to contact the 4A's to inquire about the subject of advertising/marketing being done on PlayStation Home:

    Creative Code

    "We, the members of the American Association of Advertising Agencies, in addition to supporting and obeying the laws and legal regulations pertaining to advertising, undertake to extend and broaden the application of high ethical standards. Specifically, we will not knowingly create advertising that contains:

    a) False or misleading statements or exaggerations, visual or verbal

    b) Testimonials that do not reflect the real opinion of the individual(s) involved

    c) Price claims that are misleading

    d) Claims insufficiently supported or that distort the true meaning or practicable application of statements made by professional or scientific authority

    e) Statements, suggestions, or pictures offensive to public decency or minority segments of the population."

    If you honestly felt that you have been scammed, feel free to submit a report to the BBB

    The Better Business Bureau website link

    I recommend that you read the comments from other users on this thread discussing about this topic:

    Jet setters apt $13!

    Also, check out the poll provided by GlassWalls and notice the majority vote being casted:

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Re: [ scam/no scam? ] Konami $12.99 Jetsetter Luxury Plane Personal Space

Mar 8, 2012

Scam! Thank you for the people who have given the information.

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Re: [ scam/no scam? ] Konami $12.99 Jetsetter Luxury Plane Personal Space

Mar 8, 2012

Look on the bright side!  Home is constantly being taken offline, so you can technically pretend you got a good deal when there's no evidence in front of your eyes to say otherwise.

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Re: [ scam/no scam? ] Konami $12.99 Jetsetter Luxury Plane Personal Space

Mar 8, 2012

Personally I like the space...I think it's a first for Home and that makes it purchase worthy. As far as its shortcomings go, every space in Home and every item has some flaw to it.  You guys have to remember that it does take time and effort to make these spaces...I don't mind the 13 dollar price tag for it

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Re: [ scam/no scam? ] Konami $12.99 Jetsetter Luxury Plane Personal Space

Mar 8, 2012

king_of_games30 wrote:

Personally I like the space...I think it's a first for Home and that makes it purchase worthy. As far as its shortcomings go, every space in Home and every item has some flaw to it.  You guys have to remember that it does take time and effort to make these spaces...I don't mind the 13 dollar price tag for it

I don't like that statement of yours.

Can you be more specific?

Maybe provide some pros and cons of your own? You're coming across as being biased supporting them as I am biased against them.

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Re: [ scam/no scam? ] Konami $12.99 Jetsetter Luxury Plane Personal Space

Mar 8, 2012

I seem to be doing a lot of edits on my opening post, but I'm still discovering more and more humorous quirks about this issue as I do more research

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Re: [ scam/no scam? ] Konami $12.99 Jetsetter Luxury Plane Personal Space

Mar 8, 2012

Aiken_Drum wrote:

Look on the bright side!  Home is constantly being taken offline, so you can technically pretend you got a good deal when there's no evidence in front of your eyes to say otherwise.

In this case, that would just represent a delayed flight. At least it gets marks for realism.

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Re: [ scam/no scam? ] Konami $12.99 Jetsetter Luxury Plane Personal Space

Mar 8, 2012

Conrad_Max wrote:

How many threads do we need on this? At least one to get more "Likes"?

That's why I always suggest that we take a tour before making a purchase. Most of us know of at least one person who has the space. They posted on this forum.

How many times do you have to defend Sony, Max? So you can get more "likes"?

It's funny you mention taking tours from others. I suppose those offering tours had to take a bullet in their pockets in order to expose this space for what it is? Would of been courteous for Sony to offer an open house, but they didn't. I believe Carla_Birch who is known to shoot tour videos for personal spaces on Home and purchasing these spaces herself admitted that she disliked this whole thing:

Carla_Birch wrote:

"...Their really is loads that can be done to support the community and help save heat and bad image for Home, Right now we can only base a item off a small image and marketing text, what sometimes is very misleasing. Apart from that people have to count on community users like myself making video tours or showing people around, but with spaces like this why should i buy the next $12.99 space to just show the community?"

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Re: [ scam/no scam? ] Konami $12.99 Jetsetter Luxury Plane Personal Space

Mar 8, 2012

king_of_games30 wrote:

Personally I like the space...I think it's a first for Home and that makes it purchase worthy. As far as its shortcomings go, every space in Home and every item has some flaw to it.  You guys have to remember that it does take time and effort to make these spaces...I don't mind the 13 dollar price tag for it

This space has more than its share of shortcomings. Unfortunately, it lacks even one redeeming quality to separate it from the huge pack of spaces priced less than half the amount.

Fortunately, not many people take your casual approach to the price tag or we'd be seeing jacked up prices on every space in the future. This is just another $5 hand bag, testing the waters to see what Home's community is willing to shell out for a virtual item.

It may be something of a first for Home...but definitely not in a good way.

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Re: [ scam/no scam? ] Konami $12.99 Jetsetter Luxury Plane Personal Space

Mar 8, 2012

No, far from it X-MsLiZa-X

They've been testing the waters for the past years when it comes to this. The unsettling part is that they know they can get away with it and still come out making a profit. This sort of business practice seriously needs to stop.

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