May 05 2007
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well beta testers, at least those who have decided to talk about Home, are saying how great it is with everything you can do. a part of this is the customization of characters, rooms, etc. I think that developers should take a note from this and other games that use customization to really make a game unique. An example would be tekken dark resurrection. It is a good game by itself as most Tekken games are, but what makes this game unique is that unlike other versions of Tekken you can take a current character and add new items, change colors, and make it look like an entirely new character. Virtua Fighter 5 followed suit with the same concept. Is customization a growing and essential part of the industry? i certainly believe so and more games should incorporate this idea. Home is just the beginning. Anyone else feel the same way?
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Re: customization

May 5, 2007
It would definitley allow for a more personal or unique experience
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