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Re: Yeck Entertainment - Discontinuation

Nov 2, 2013

smokingpistol wrote:

All Yeck commerce items and Yeck Land have now been pulled from the servers - including in favorites.

Smiley Sad

Welp, then I am happy that I was able  to PI you, pistol, on one of the rarer moments of me actually longing into Home as of late. I sure like my Little Monster Companion and my male Monster outfit. Smiley Happy

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Re: Yeck Entertainment - Discontinuation

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Nov 2, 2013
R.I.P. I'm a big fan of anything cartoony and surreal, so I'm sorry to see these guys hit the road.

IMHO they had really clever ideas that kinda fell apart in execution. That tower defense game was a little stinky, seriously. Even with good advice from serious gamers I could not bump up the levels-which I did in Fubar despite Tower Defense NOT being in my genre wheelhouse. If I could have donated the rest of my Yeck coinage to charity, I would have, lol.

There's my postmortem five cents. Smiley Tongue
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