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Re: Y do my threads of LOOT

Jul 14, 2012

I totally understand... both th OP and Al...

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Re: Y do my threads of LOOT

Jul 14, 2012

DSL287 wrote:

keep being i kno u guys kno u taking ppl $.99 and not giving item r money as a serious like thousand of ppl on home..if u get $.99 from everyone u made thousand without them receiving item..this is seriously funny..y u keep removing my ghreads but i still havent received item nearly 3wks since LOOT OPEN HOUSE..i suggest no 1 buy that tall tree u will not get item r ur money back..smh..and here i had faith u will handle an the saying goes..if one don't hanfle the issue right another will and it will cost more than $.99 rremove this as i video tape that i post this..

I believe the reason your posts keep getting deleted is because posting the same thing many times is considered spam and against forum policy. 


As to your issue, I see that Joystick_Warrior (with Playstation Home Support) has answered your post in the Home Support Section (where this issue would get the best response): Click HERE to go to your other thread


It seems you can look forward to the fix on the 18th! Smiley Happy




For what it's worth, Al's spelling has improved significantly since he first started posting.  He may still have a bit of trouble with syntax, but his posts are easily understood now.  Props to him for continuing to post on a board that is not his native language and toughing it out through the insults!


I hope DSL will stay and learn how the forums work and make some friends.  Many come here for the first time to look for solutions (and are understandably distressed), then end up sticking around for the community support.

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Re: Y do my threads of LOOT

Jul 14, 2012
Thanks anamri, for helping the DSL find his old post. Smiley Happy

Locking this thread since it has been answered, and was pretty off-topic otherwise.
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