Apr 30 2013
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Xi continuum reflections.

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Ok, so here's the deal. I liked xi. I liked xi continuum. I'm very pleased that continnuum will continue further with more chapters still yet to come. Idk what they have planned for the future but here are some things I personally would like to see.

I would like the continuum to be an ever evolving mini world. Not just with the evolution of the new chapters but also with various little updates every few weeks or so to keep us coming back between chapters. Also in the future I would like to see less mini games requiring players to boot up a computer to play a flash game. Maybe it's just me idk, and though I can deal with it, I'd still prefer the games to remain within home. I'm reminded of the first xi, when we gained access to the teleporters and were offered tons of fun mini games to play. The hover cycles, the mazes, puzzle games, RPGs, etc etc. that was awesome.

That amazing continuum city has so much potential! Like how snowcrash and Adium hq are housed inside buildings. I don't see why there shouldn't be other various mini game locations added here and there throughout the continuum.
Also, it would be very cool if the apartment emails and axiom hq were updated regularly, even in the xi missions downtime. Idk, maybe once a week. Free item here and there, little side missions added from time to time. Stuff like that.

Don't want this to sound like a complaint, it really isn't. Promise! I think ndreams has done a great job with xi in it's entirety. I just hope ndreams can invision how epic having the continuum as an ever evolving updating location could be. I mean look at aurora. Still a happening place, always a crowd. But the continuum.... No missions..... Kinda a ghost town now. A shame. Such a nice space.
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