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Re: Xi 2 Info thread gone? - Help HERE [SPOILERS] -->

Feb 1, 2013

Sorry, I have been traveling a bit this month so i was catching up on posts and reading. I was not trying to necro bump, nor do i think that quarels are appropreate in the forums. Yet sometimes things that should not get taken down get taken down. I was not awear of the thread and problems till i read this and talked to a friend. Yet some things went bye bye due to wrong reasons. and there were some glitches in the forums which alowed users to delete stuff which was not cool... I remember if you had a reply on your post you could delete other peoples stuff which was kinda un cool, also I have seen people who work on the fourms take things down that they were asked to that should have stayed up and then other things that people asked to have taken down that are still up... 


anyway, I know the MODs and such have large workloads and lately the ones I have spoken with seem professional. Lets hope that we can avoid these types of things in the future here on the forums. 

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