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Re: Would love a LOST space...will TV ever make it HOME?

Apr 17, 2009
I was thinking about this today and if they don't get Lost, then we could still have some XI jumpsuits that look very similar to the DHARMA ones and we would have to wear them in certain XI spaces.
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Re: Would love a LOST space...will TV ever make it HOME?

Apr 17, 2009

spazure wrote:

STS_bbonds756 wrote:
Thatd be cool! I love Lost even though this season has been kinda slooooooow but i guess its leading up to something big

SLOW?! Did you miss the part where we got undeniable proof that Anubis and the smoke monster are in fact different entities?  I was just sitting there in awe going "oh crap, this opens a whole new world of possibilities..".  Heck, we even got to see the statue before it was destroyed and turned into just a foot, and just last week we learned for sure that thing about that one guy and his dad (vague in case someone hasn't watched it on their DVR yet).

Yea your right, its still very entertaining but when I say slow I mean the fact where one episode we are following Sawyer and the darma peeps, then next week its all about Lock and Ben, and back and forth and you kinda forget where the last episode left off...


PS... What is the Anubis????? Is it that big statue? Im guessing that is what they mean when they say "Whats behind the shadow" Or whatever it was, I forget exactly what the phrase was.

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Re: Would love a LOST space..Ill TV ever make it HOME?

Apr 17, 2009

Bildo818 wrote:

WOW I am literally amazed how this turned out. You guys say its been brought up, so thats reassuring as well.


Someone posted that this is a GAMING console and only GAME spaces should be created, but I ask, who said this? Anyone at Sony? HOME is NOT about gaming, its a social network utilizing a gaming console as its medium. Who's to say there could be a Yankees of the past HOME space? What about a Wizard of OZ type space? What about music spaces? A Grateful Dead HOME space? 


At first, I thought  Sony made a big mistake with HOME. However, I am so glad that I've come to be proven wrong by them. They are really starting to make HOME this enthralling exhibit of what the next generation of home consoles can really be about. There literally is no end to HOME. It can always be expanded and I am really looking forward to being along for the ride.

There's always going to be a malcontent.


To your point though, I really like the idea of having spaces for commercial enterprises like TV shows and the like.  It opens up some possibilities.  Early on it was hinted at by Phil Harrison that commercial enterprises (vaguely referring to Starbucks) could have a presence in Home.  I like that idea because it gives the platform both some extra venues for sponsorship (which overall despite peoples' complaints about advertising would possibly help open up more FREE stuff for us which is always welcome, remember, SOMEONE has to pay for all this stuff, I would rather have Home be a bigger platform within the model that they're putting in now of fairly non-invasive advertising, over Sony having to foot the bill for all of the developer salaries as well as server maintenance, R&D, etc, and have a smaller Home).

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