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Re: Why Kikai Event So Short?

Jul 28, 2013

Both new beaches have major flaws in them.    Southern beach has too small of underwater part and the main beach you cant sit and hang out underwater 

Joanna_Dark_ wrote:

AbysmalDawna wrote:

Seaside of Memories still remains the best beach for some reason.  And Festival Space is better than what we got now.  Central Plaza better than hub and Old Mall better than new mall.  These are just facts no need to debate them. 


Personally I like the new Granzella beaches better than Seaside. You're entitled to your opinion but it's certainly not a fact. I will agree I liked the Plaza better than the Hub and the Old Mall the Theaters better too. 

like you could at Seaside.  But I will say they are both pretty nice and Granzella is doing a good job.

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