Feb 07 2013
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Why Central Plaza and Gamers Lounge couldn't work these days...

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I always see a lot of people requesting these two places make a comeback and aside from nostalgia reasons I can't see why. Here's my thoughts on why the return of these two places wouldn't change anything in Home...

When those spaces were here originally there were fewer public spaces and activities to do in Home. So, naturally, they were full of people with nowhere to go and nothing to do.

If CP or GL were to come back now, after the new wore out they would become just as populated as the Hub or Pier Park.

The reason is because there's so many things to do in Home these days that you won't find any one space that becomes THE space to go to.

Everyone's dispersed throughout Home defending Edo, fighting Ninjas, gambling at the Casino, building a city in Home Tycoon, fighting for Novus Prime, racing at Sodium or countless other activities.

Any of the current public spaces could easily be another CP or GL but due to the wider choices of what to do in Home that may never happen again.
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Re: Why Central Plaza and Gamers Lounge couldn't work these days...

Feb 7, 2013


I disagree. Nowadays, I don't even hang out in public spaces. Once in awhile I might go to a space but it's because I'm trying out a new game or getting a reward(s).


When we had the Gamers Lounge, I was there most of my Home time. Maybe because the spaces I enjoyed seemed to be more real then the newer spaces we have.

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Re: Why Central Plaza and Gamers Lounge couldn't work these days...

Feb 7, 2013
"nowhere to go and nothing to do" is what brought a lot of us regular daily users to home in the first place in my opinion. I think a lot of people want the plaza back just because they have so many fond memories of people they met there.

Personally i enjoyed saucer pop A LOT and cp was a place i could sit and chat and have something fun to actually play in the same space without being asked in any way to pay to play it. There are a lot of people who have completed everything in home only things there are left to do is watch dolphins race, pay to play a game that ends shortly after you start (or ask for more money for the next chapter), or go to the bowling alley and prepare to mute half the people there.

We want games that dont leave us feeling like we were taken advantage of for playing, or should i say paying..

Either way everyone has their own opinions so dont take this as a "no your face is ugly" reply. After all i halfway agree with you, i hope gamers lounge never comes back because i got this awesome tshirt for completing the survey there and i barely ever see anyone else with it.
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Re: Why Central Plaza and Gamers Lounge couldn't work these days...

Feb 7, 2013
Thanks for the great replies, guys. I like that we can freely converse the pros and cons of the spaces and where we're at now.

And, I agree, buck, that the charm of some rewards is that they're limited time rewards.

Something that occurred to me as a parallel to what most are feeling is how the VIP room at the Casino has changed since the introduction of High Rollers Lounge.
Before HR, I was in VIP almost everyday. But then when HR came along, half the regulars went to HR and the other half dispersed throughout the casino. Previously, you could always find a table to play at in VIP but once HR came along, you were lucky to find a table full of people to play with.

Several ended up going back downstairs just to find players.

I haven't been back in a while because all the regulars I got to know were no longer in the same space.
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Re: Why Central Plaza and Gamers Lounge couldn't work these days...

Feb 7, 2013

well as i posted in my own thread (shameless plug)  and in the suggestions thread (plugs away) home EU has their original home square as an aapartment so why not sell the two spaces as apartments AND clubs (theres no or when it comes to this i think we all know that)

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Re: Why Central Plaza and Gamers Lounge couldn't work these days...

Feb 7, 2013

I think is kinda funny how when CP was around everyone wanted the original Plaza from closed beta, and they they hated it and were always complaining how there was nothing to do in it, and this, and that. Now that we have the Hub they say the same thing about that and everyone wants CP back. I'm willing to bet someone else's money that if we ever evolve past the Hub ppl will fall in line and be all like, "We want the Hub back." "make the Hub a personal space like EU did." I liked CP, but I'm glad we evolved and changed things up, and when we do it again I'll be just as happy. If we just had everything the same all the time home would get lame and I think alot of ppl would quit playing and spending money. My 2 cents


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Re: Why Central Plaza and Gamers Lounge couldn't work these days...

Feb 7, 2013

I couldnt agree more with the poster above..thats the way of things i guess..i miss both,the lounge was a cool spot to go to for game launching and to see the ticker,i miss that most..and the plaza?..well for me that was home..always  loved to post up on the steps and watch the goins come update day,we would all buy stuff from the ugly teller machine in the tree and then just start showing off our new stuff,was a blast..i like the new spaces also..the hub is just that for me...the start..i realize that change is inevitable..i accept it and embrace it..i never complained of the plaza since i liked it so much,..cant wait to see what happens next!...Smiley Wink

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