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Re: Who else has since quit Home entirely after freezing returned?

Apr 24, 2013

Yeah, a few friends of mine were frozen out of Playground earlier didn't stop them though they just rebooted their PS3's and logged right back in. Unforunately, Playground and Godfather II are the spaces that are tagetted the most, it's only a matter of time though before the next wave of perm bans hit as with the last a few mods noted some people freezing / merging on the 31st of March and the ban didn't take place until the 17th of April, so I believe they're just collecting names again. After the 3rd offense though (not sure if this is true or not just heard it thorughout home) I heard it was a permanent console ban, so let them have their laughs and giggles now but when they have to go out and get new consoles I seriously doubt any of them will have even as much as a smirk on their face.

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Re: Who else has since quit Home entirely after freezing returned?

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Apr 24, 2013

I'm not letting a bunch of kids drive me off. I think  last year when my system went down  after 5 years it was because of freezers. I came back, with the same unit, though it did cost me. I think Sony is stockpiling information( and if they even crack down on open glitch clubs on home that would help) which they will use against the people using this. I think they should look over the registries of the owners of the PS 3's that do the glitching, and send letters to the registered owners that their unit is being used for possible illegal activity. A lot of parents have no idea what their kids do. For un registered owners, I guess blocking( though I hate this) is an option, with a screen when they sign on informing them their unit was bricked, and what steps they need to take to get it unlocked. That way second owner shops can refuse to buy bricked Ps3's if  people try to trade them in

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