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Re: Who Really Runs Home - Who Has the Real Power?

Nov 21, 2013

During the PSN outage Sony hardly gave any news what happening a lot people were very upset with Sony and they end up boycotting sony and made the jump to 360. Sony has habit of keeping the community in dark when something up and I had feeling with no news home on PS4 mean there no attention of it going be on there. I not saying home won’t be PS4 but I not going spend money on something what has around year left on it life. I have stop many DLCs on PS3 because I know that sony focus be on PS4 and slowly we see things get turn off the PS3. Home has now gone out focus of Sony, and into hands of its third party developers were each week there bunch new stuff and we lucky see anything from Sony. I think next thing we going see on home is weekly update wont happening to fix anything just to update the stores so people can spend money on. So I would love see home icon on my PS4 but I honestly think this ant going happen as said before Sony focus has gone from community.   

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Re: Who Really Runs Home - Who Has the Real Power?

Nov 22, 2013

I really liked the PS4 space... it reminded me of the reasons I do like HOME... When I like HOME that is lol the video did make me tear, I had one problem with it though that I would like to voice... 


The comment about it being about the Developers... I think that is where Sony is going wrong... Yes we need the Devs... I am for the Devs too... they work hard (well most of them) Yet without the community there would be no one for the Devs to sell stuff to... 

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Re: Who Really Runs Home - Who Has the Real Power?

Nov 25, 2013

bump with a butt Smiley Tongue


London Studio is also where you'll find the team behind PlayStation Home, a virtual 3D community hub for PlayStation gamers. From original games to immersive spaces packed with exclusive content, PlayStation®Home provides players with a rich and dynamic gaming experience only possible on the PlayStation®3.

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Re: Who Really Runs Home - Who Has the Real Power?

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Dec 4, 2013

At this point the OP has their answer Al, not that anything will come of it. Smiley Tongue it's too bad that good discussions have to be hidden obscurely in unfortunate threads.


Edit:  This thread has been cleaned up and will now be locked.

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