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Re: Where will you go when Home finally dies?

Aug 14, 2013

I'll make a sig out of it lol then I can look at it and cry everytime i'm on the forums. 

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Re: Where will you go when Home finally dies?

Aug 14, 2013

"Where will I go when Home finally dies?"


I'll go to Sony and just change the burnt out lightbulb and return to playing Home.


People thought EQ would die eventually but it carried on...


People thought FF Online would die out... it carried on.......


The good things in life never die forever but if they did OMG!!



From a decision by Sony to move away from Community to focus on Competition...

To a forum that was on its way to repairing itself in a focus on Community.. now having trolls protected if they help generate site hits..

To the world of HOME being kept in the dark when so many developers have left already...

A concept focused on profits and Competition have another name in the world of Pro-Community- RIP!

May the trolls, drama makers and competitive personas find joy in Sony - I'll do like soo many others and just move on.

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Re: Where will you go when Home finally dies?

Aug 14, 2013

Conrad Max, the E3 Home event of 2012 was filled with video game trailers AND Home developer kiosks. So was the year before.  This year, there were no Home Developer kiosks.  It was ONLY game trailers, and a couple of PS-driven ones.  That was it.  I think the developers know exactly whats coming.  It's not like they're going to tell US anything, nor have they barely in the past in the first place about numerous other issues throughout the history of Home.  The fact that they haven't said anything so far should be that much more evidence that things are going to change, and they're waiting until there is a shiny new toy to distract everyone with to cut down on the amount of backlash they are anticipating if they just told us now.

Sony didn't make PS Home originally to capitalize in the 3D Chat market, they made it to show off video games in a clever way.  It turned into more, and so they experimented and responded to some degree.  They've turned out developments frustratingly slow, and without much notice throughout each week.

I don't think Home is necessarily going away, but I don't think it's going to be the same sort of interactions and game-play as it has been on the PS3.  I think they've probably redesigned the interactions and interface, in the name of evolution and making it "better" - but "better" is whatever that means to THEM, not necessarily to Home users.  All Home users really want is to chill on Home and enjoy 3D Chat while buying some virtual furniture items here and there, to talk to friends and get an interpersonal benefit out of that. (Although there is the added bonus that they have had to deal with of issues with trolls causing boatloads of miniscule in-fighting across the board, and I highly doubt they really want to continue dealing with that from the way things have been so far). 


That being said, I think Sony understood a long time ago, as they made plans for PS4, that it would be most beneficial to just ride the last waves of whatever they could and be done with it.  Let Home sit on PS3 for a while, a year, maybe two, and eventually people would simply lose interest.  This is the least-painful way to do something like that.  They threw us a clue with the E3 Event - I even suspect they wern't even planning on having an event (due to the lateness it occured), but since many ppl were getting upset about it, they had it later-than-usual instead of not at all.


Personally, Acorn Meadows Park seems almost a sign as well, as though they just poured a bunch of time and energy into one of the last major public spaces, made a ton of "tasks" to keep people busy for a long time, made the design pretty interactive and dynamic, and called it good.


Thats my response to your thoughts, Conrad Max.


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Re: Where will you go when Home finally dies?

Aug 15, 2013

For sure, Playstation Home won't last forever. Why do we need to worry? I already stopped using Playstation Home after I have a problem going to my personal spaces. I feel like I'm done with this virtual world. I never call it my Second Life. I think it is better idea to spend time besides playing video games.



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