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Re: Where's our LMO reward?

Dec 27, 2012

wasnt throwing dirt or punching while down...just stateing the truth.

we get just as much free items and games that other regions dont get.

one reason why the other regions get free stuff that we dont is due to the face that companys know that the people in the US market will easily spend money for things (just the truth)

users in US Home will easily purchase a item on Home even without knowing all about it or even size (just search the forums...the threads are easily found)

the US is a money status nation...people show off what they have by showing off what they own.

just look in any space in Home and watch how many times a new user gets messed with because he has default clothing, or how many users have Swagg in their name or use no Swagg as a term top put down another avatars look.

now i am not saying that this doesnt exist in other regions but i do have multi region accounts and i visit them all so i can honestly say that it is 50x's worst in the US.

now back to my point...since the Devs and people who make the items need to make money to run and since they know the US is a easy market...they will not give as much free stuff.

most the free stuff in the other regions are nothing but big promotions to get people to think more about the company or product.

just go into EU's Home is nothing but one giant billboard after another.

in other regions they advertize products like you would find on Home or the PS3 less on tv than they do in the US, so they need to find a new way to get the product out there.

hence the advertizing all over their Home's and why they try and intice the users with things.

and also, if you look at some of the items they get...the items have no ties to the US what so ever...that fancy dance you mentioned if fron Hed Kandi...a UK pop star...she is not even on the US airwaves.

and in reason we dont get the same things as they get is because the Devs there are not here in the US (yet)

if you look at all the regions you will notice that as a whole, the US server has the most to offer.

most public spaces, and games, most selection of items and personal spaces, and also the most active with the users.


we get what we get and they get what they get...simple as that.

and like i mentioned...if you want a free for it and get it out of the is a nice skateboard LMO

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Re: Where's our LMO reward?

Dec 27, 2012

I understand all of what you said and agree with most of it, I understand also that lmos are still a new thing that's out but my issue is why or who thought up the ones we have was there some poll somewhere or was it "I think these spastic dances will sell" my only thing is I hope hope hope they release normal styles or even club style dances, they don't even have to be rewards would be nice but not demanding it. but meh what happens will happen guess we'll see what releases and if its worth it.

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