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Re: Whats the next step for blueprint..?

Sep 21, 2012

Yup! Awesome ideas.. ^^^ 

All necessary for the blueprint experience.

A curtained window wallpaper would be an excellent add on.  

Plants should be a must add on for sure. Big nice variety!

Another excellent add on could be restaurant themed features...

How bout some torture items...

Police station  features.. And wallpaper. I know folk out there would love to do a resident evil  2 police station.. Hek' im already there..

Build it n they will come..

Sure works for me!


On create n create n create.... Will that ever be possible..?

These ideas sure seem like the next step. But we put alot of trouble into this space..

And definitely dont want to ruin what i have now..  The bug issue too... All effects us consumers buying any further into blueprint.

- Restless Dreams.
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Re: Whats the next step for blueprint..?

Sep 21, 2012

Seriously..the wallpaper themes are fugly. I'd actually prefer normal and more realistic paint schemes.

The shelf is pretty much an eyesore considering its just sites there and more often than not takes up valuable real estate in regards to furnishing the creations we make.

The inability to even add certain furniture pieces is aggravating and the flooring options often throw the entire feel off.

The concept of Blueprint is innovative but the finished product and the options we have have room for improvement before I spend another penny on it.

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Re: Whats the next step for blueprint..?

May 29, 2013

nDreams_Joey wrote:

Where to Begin...


Firstly, thank you for picking up Blueprint. I've said from the start that the version of Blueprint was just the start and that there is so much that can be done with it in the future. I'll split off some points from your post and answer below for ease of reading:


"Blueprint is no longer the rage"


I'll be perfectly honest here, you are right. But don't think that because there aren't blog posts and forum posts about it that it isn't being used. Blueprint is doing very well and being used by a lot of people who have purchased it. In Home us developers really have a week, two weeks if we are lucky to be the main thing due to the amount of great quality items / games / spaces being released by the other developers who work hard to keep new content coming.


Style Packs


The style packs and extra environments were released over a six week period to keep fresh content coming straight after release, this was always planned to help those who wanted to purchase everything Blueprint related to do so without taking a huge hit all at once. There was a nice mixture of style packs available (with varying prices) where hopefully one or two were of interest to everyone. Some might not be of interest to some of those who purchased Blueprint and I have been keeping an eye on suggestion threads and trying to find out what people want (more on that later).


Bling Pack

This is actually something that I posted over on the forums so excuse the copy and paste job but it answers the query: 

It's expensive, not everyone is going to like it but it sells, it sells better than I ever thought it could before I started this job and we need to continue to release things people will buy (simple supply & demand). Again, not everyone is going to want to pay that for a Bling Pack but a lot of people do so we have to offer that.

There are plenty of other packs at varying prices to allow as many people as possible the opportunity to own them if they choose to. So hopefully we cater to everyone, those who have loads of money (and want to spend it with us) and those who need to be more "considered" with their spending.


Furniture Save Slots


This is something that we are pushing for, I have made it clear in other posts that it isn't something we have any say over unfortunatley. The powers that be are aware and are working to help us offer this, it may not be as soon as some hope but it's actually pretty amazing that we managed to create Blueprint in it's current form.


Future Updates


We are actually currently working on updates to Blueprint: Home as I type this. second stories are certainly quite a way off but on the back of the feedback we have received we will be tweaking a few things and offering new style packs and furniture to help create a more Homely feel to Blueprint. There will also be some more off the wall Style Packs available. Again, these aren't going to be for everyone but it will be impossible for us to please everyone. Release date wise, your guess is as good as mine, we have a couple of other big projects we are working on at the moment but we want to get next Blueprint content done and out there for those who use Blueprint and want to see more of it and some of the little things fixed.

Feature Items


The reason the feature items aren't usable by your avatar are due to the furniture slot restrictions. Feature items were created to help fill out the rooms without having to use up any available furniture slots. If we made them items you could sit on / use then they would just be regular furniture items and they would go towards you furniture slot allocation. It's safe to say that we have learnt that feature items should be more decorative items as opposed to items that could possibly be used, so that's something we have learnt.


Box Beats / Street Moves


Not really Blueprint but I'll answer this as well. Box Beats and the club thing, it's more to do with the music that we have paid to use and the reason it can only be used by the owner and that isn't going to something that changes (the repeat function is something that we are keen to work on which has been mentioned by people). Street Moves, well, the quality of the Dance Moves is above anything else (I'm sure some people will disagree, but hey!) and they are fully motion captured with a defined start and end point. We took the choice not to loop them and again, I don't see that as something that will change I'm afraid.




Wow, that was a long one! 


I hope that answers your questions, I'm sure some of the answers won't be to your (and others) liking, I apologise for that but I'm trying to be as open and honest with the community as possible. If there's anything I have not answered fully enough, or something I have missed out completley, let me know and I will.







Ok nDreams_ Joey, it's been a long long long time now and I'd like to know what the time line is for the Furniture Save Slots.

I haven't really used my Blueprint Home, because of this issue and feel I really wasted my money and time with this one.

Not being mean here, as I do LOVE nDreams and the newer items you have been introducing.

But I sure would love to enjoy my Blueprint Home and creating different spaces, but am unable to because of the Furniture Save Slots.


If we took just five minutes, to recognize each others beauty, instead of attacking each other for our differences .............
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Re: Whats the next step for blueprint..?

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May 29, 2013

Just hit twitter.


Blueprint: Home will be 1 year old at the end of July. And we are currently preparing it for an update! Good news for Blueprint owners!


They also responded to a question about multiple apartment layout saves with this response.


  1. @Joanna_Dark_ We are working on something...

  2. Will multiple apartment layout saves be a part of that update? @nDreamers

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