Sep 20 2012
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Whats the next step for blueprint..?

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Blueprint is no longer the rage. And all excitement seems to have faded away about after its 3rd week upon release. Seems like now has fallen into oblivion. The new packs were introduced to the store in its 3rd week along with all the other features that they had in store for Us.  yes they released it all after as not much was / is left to offer. But not many bought in as excitement faded..  Along with the fact that Blueprint wasn't as great as many expected it to be. and charging 10$ for a wall pack is Just plain robbery, ridiculous!  Who came up with that idea..?

And why are texture packs so overpriced? 3.99 is not a deal and more features should have/ could have been included.  i would like to be compensated for not including more features in the packs themselves. I did cave in to blueprint 2 weeks after release as i love to get creative but the dissapointing feeling of buying this space lingers all the time knowing these features only provide a cover up to something i paid for that was nothing to begin with.

Now that all content is here for blueprint.. Are we expecting anything new anytime soon..  

Are they pushing sony to fix this known issue regarding item placing within blueprint...?

Whats the point of 5 saves if  one can only deco once...? Yes i know for different layouts.. But serves no purpose if our deco layouts cant go anywhere..  Or we cant restart another file Due to our deco.

 Someone mention Top floors...? Weather patterns and changing of night or day..?

 item features that can actually be used by our avatars.. And since i paid highly for these features.. Make the items that were included in these packs as an item for my inventory.. None of this is a bargain but a steal as blueprint is so limited. And yes due to memory and other issues i know this has been addressed.. But can it be possible.. Are they looking into it...?

I noticed ndreams is late on figuring these things out.. 

As the street moves outfits where released without any idea that other developers where creating outfits long ago with custom looping animations.. The new boxbeats.. Owner can only use..  While all other active items can be started by anyone.. 

Blueprint is a whole other story. Though cool in concept and what was brought to the table is neat.. It can be alot more.. 

Not waiting for anything new here nor am i eagerly anticipating what the next step for blueprint is..  Just want these issues resolved. And want to feel like i got my moneys worth. 

My overly priced creation needs More details.. Better features  and the ability to create and create and create.. Which is/ was the purpose for blueprint. But due to limitations and restrictions.. Not really possible.  My asylum is tops.. No doubt..  But as blueprint is so limited and plain only so much creativity can be possible. as of now, Mazes seem to be the only real reason for it. Lol

We need alot more from this space.. Deals since its an 8$ space.. The ability to change whatever and add to our hearts content.  Features worth buying with alot more details. And weather effects all at  reasonable pricing.

Get this item placing bug fixed.. Been a while..  But as usual a fix seems  of no concern or seems to be in the works..  Just ovrpricing wallpaper seems priority.  Knew i should have skipped on this.. Blueprint is a letdown. Sure many feel same way. Bummer. 

- Restless Dreams.
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Re: Whats the next step for blueprint..?

Sep 20, 2012

Where to Begin...


Firstly, thank you for picking up Blueprint. I've said from the start that the version of Blueprint was just the start and that there is so much that can be done with it in the future. I'll split off some points from your post and answer below for ease of reading:


"Blueprint is no longer the rage"


I'll be perfectly honest here, you are right. But don't think that because there aren't blog posts and forum posts about it that it isn't being used. Blueprint is doing very well and being used by a lot of people who have purchased it. In Home us developers really have a week, two weeks if we are lucky to be the main thing due to the amount of great quality items / games / spaces being released by the other developers who work hard to keep new content coming.


Style Packs


The style packs and extra environments were released over a six week period to keep fresh content coming straight after release, this was always planned to help those who wanted to purchase everything Blueprint related to do so without taking a huge hit all at once. There was a nice mixture of style packs available (with varying prices) where hopefully one or two were of interest to everyone. Some might not be of interest to some of those who purchased Blueprint and I have been keeping an eye on suggestion threads and trying to find out what people want (more on that later).


Bling Pack

This is actually something that I posted over on the forums so excuse the copy and paste job but it answers the query: 

It's expensive, not everyone is going to like it but it sells, it sells better than I ever thought it could before I started this job and we need to continue to release things people will buy (simple supply & demand). Again, not everyone is going to want to pay that for a Bling Pack but a lot of people do so we have to offer that.

There are plenty of other packs at varying prices to allow as many people as possible the opportunity to own them if they choose to. So hopefully we cater to everyone, those who have loads of money (and want to spend it with us) and those who need to be more "considered" with their spending.


Furniture Save Slots


This is something that we are pushing for, I have made it clear in other posts that it isn't something we have any say over unfortunatley. The powers that be are aware and are working to help us offer this, it may not be as soon as some hope but it's actually pretty amazing that we managed to create Blueprint in it's current form.


Future Updates


We are actually currently working on updates to Blueprint: Home as I type this. second stories are certainly quite a way off but on the back of the feedback we have received we will be tweaking a few things and offering new style packs and furniture to help create a more Homely feel to Blueprint. There will also be some more off the wall Style Packs available. Again, these aren't going to be for everyone but it will be impossible for us to please everyone. Release date wise, your guess is as good as mine, we have a couple of other big projects we are working on at the moment but we want to get next Blueprint content done and out there for those who use Blueprint and want to see more of it and some of the little things fixed.

Feature Items


The reason the feature items aren't usable by your avatar are due to the furniture slot restrictions. Feature items were created to help fill out the rooms without having to use up any available furniture slots. If we made them items you could sit on / use then they would just be regular furniture items and they would go towards you furniture slot allocation. It's safe to say that we have learnt that feature items should be more decorative items as opposed to items that could possibly be used, so that's something we have learnt.


Box Beats / Street Moves


Not really Blueprint but I'll answer this as well. Box Beats and the club thing, it's more to do with the music that we have paid to use and the reason it can only be used by the owner and that isn't going to something that changes (the repeat function is something that we are keen to work on which has been mentioned by people). Street Moves, well, the quality of the Dance Moves is above anything else (I'm sure some people will disagree, but hey!) and they are fully motion captured with a defined start and end point. We took the choice not to loop them and again, I don't see that as something that will change I'm afraid.




Wow, that was a long one! 


I hope that answers your questions, I'm sure some of the answers won't be to your (and others) liking, I apologise for that but I'm trying to be as open and honest with the community as possible. If there's anything I have not answered fully enough, or something I have missed out completley, let me know and I will.







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Re: Whats the next step for blueprint..?

Sep 20, 2012

Thank you joey for all your input on these forums. You truly show u do care. 

Not that im displeased with blueprint as it may seem. Just that my expectations are kind of high. And my creative needs never got fulfilled by blueprint. Which i admit.. I waited till asylum pack to be released to show any interest in it.  No need to go back to blueprint for what i have i dont want to ruin. So being creative is not an option. Especially due to the placement of items issue. I found a work around it. At a hassle though. Wasnt easy but i have different layouts surrounding whats already there.  I know the placement bug is a main issue n many wont do anything with blueprint due to this as far as deco.


Blueprint has alot of potential But Limitations and restrictions get the best of me.. And hoping to see better and more reasonable content involved for this space.  And hoping it doesnt get forgotten. Which is a sure bet it wont.


Tell you what joey.. 

PRO deco club members have done outstanding things in blueprint and those new disco items have created a huge stir within us all. 

We Love those items and as always have done great things using or imaginations with the items all home developers provide..

Stop on by our clubs meet wednesdays if u can.. We can host a special blueprint showcase.. Just for you..

And all ndreams product even.. We Pros!

And i would love to show u my asylum.. Send me a holler!



- Restless Dreams.
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Re: Whats the next step for blueprint..?

Sep 20, 2012

i greatly appreciate when developers take the time to answer our  questions , thank you . i've had a great time with the Blueprint apartment , i even made a youtube video of the glitches i did there . i bought all of the content except the bling , which i just didn't care for .  the furniture placement issue can be a nuisance but it can also be used if you take the time to think about it . could care less about dancing avatars but totally love the BoxBeat and Shimmer light , excellent stuffz . best music on Home outside of radioio . am more of a fan of rock but for what it is , it's very well done ! i do wish my guests could operate it , feel kinda robbed there ... but all in all , you guys always do a great job . thanks again (:

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Re: Whats the next step for blueprint..?

Sep 20, 2012

I enjoy BluePrint. It's unique in it's building design. I can't compare it to other spaces because it works differently.


Maybe I'm not understanding something but it has three save slots which I can't get a handle on. If I delete furniture in a second build then poof there goes the furniture in the first save. Fortunately I learned quick to save my first building to a flash drive but I can only save my creation once unless I use more than one flash drive. But like I said, maybe I'm doing something wrong.


I spent a lot of time there and had fun. I wish I could put a bomb in the middle of the concrete however (idylic valley).


As for boombox beat, other music players only allow the owner to turn on the jams. And I think that applies to light switches too at least times.

As to boombox's music, I don't care for it. Surprise surprise, but I prefer older music styles. And I do mean older 40s through 60s and 70s too I guess. Yet boombox beat fits well in my BluePrint created space.


Could it be better? Yes, I said so. Am I satisfied with what is? Yes, I said so. It was fun. 

I just need to find a way to create other spaces without deleting furniture from the first space. The buildings themselves I can keep in the first space. 

I built a chicken coop if one has an imagination using stone turkeys. Smiley LOL

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Re: Whats the next step for blueprint..?

Sep 20, 2012

Are you guys going to come out with a maze pack I know for sure I will buy it and I know others will to. 

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Re: Whats the next step for blueprint..?

Sep 20, 2012

I cant even get some pieces of furniture into the structures which pisses me off to no end.

You spend all that time building it, then you spend money buying add ons, and when  its time to furnish it you cant even get everything in it.

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Re: Whats the next step for blueprint..?

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Sep 21, 2012
Im actually really enjoying my space so far, and although some of the points here made carry weight others dont in my opinion. Im glad there are other packs of varying prices as they say - variety is the spice of life! So far, my favourite additions are the skies( cheapest also at under $2), and as an Aurora fan, the free Aurora skin you get from the Hub is my standard now. Boxbeats and the shimmer sphere are GREAT. Like really really cool. Very pleased there, and am enjoying the low slot count on them.

Last thing, as far as where Blueprint goes from here on out, I would actually like to see weather. Limitations aside, I think it would be really cool to change climates (snowy, rain, etc.) although yes, lol I am aware there is no roof yet in Blueprint. I have always wanted a personal apartment with snow falling though. Just a thought/idea! Kudos to Joey also you really do deserve major credit for stepping up to users' concerns (unlike other devs we know) Smiley Happy keep up the good stuff Ndreams!
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Re: What's the next step for blueprint..?

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Sep 21, 2012

I do not share your sentiment as far as giving Joey or nDreams Kudos.  I recently pmed him with a small request to make this customer of Blueprint Home happy with no reply from him.  NOTHING! Not a yay, nay, ill look into it, ill get back to you or any type of response that would indicate an acknowledgment from him or nDreams.  Any type of acknowledgement would have been fine with me.  He was however quick to answer this post with a half a page long reply.  So as far as im concerned neither Joey or nDreams have stepped up to address my concerns, nor have they made any attempt to respond to my request.  As far as Devs are concerned they seem good on paper or rather say forum threads but don't step up and they don't get my vote of approval.


With that said i am glad that others have found use for the space and seem to enjoy it because in the end that's what its all about.

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Re: Whats the next step for blueprint..?

Sep 21, 2012

Some things that would make Blueprint better.


- Get rid of the repeating shelves on every basic wallpaper. Its dumb. It only works in a really small room. No one has a shelf every 3 feet in a hallway with the same vase on it.


- Get rid of all the vents. Again, no one has that many vents.


- Better exteriors. Stucco, Siding, etc. More normal home exteriors.


- Doors. Actual doors instead of just holes in the wall acting as entries. Even better if you can make ones that let you open and close them.


- Better windows. If I put 2 windows next to each other, it would be better if it created a single double window, instead of 2 seperate small ones.


- The ability to delete walls at the corner of a room, to make hallways the same width instead of having a small entry at the ends of it.

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