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Re: What is home?

May 14, 2013

There's no place like Home! 


Go to youtube watch the Home Music Video!


That's what Home used to be...



Oh Those days....   Aww!



SHAME on SONY for making us HOMEless by Closing our PS HOME!
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Re: What is home?

May 14, 2013

docshady wrote:

I've had a PS3 since last november but only lightly dabbled in PS home (NHL 13 was too amazing to put down!).


A friend mentioned that he uses PS home frequently.  I've played around with a few mini games but what else is there to do in home?  


Yeah, I know I can google for more info but I wanna hear from you, the people who populate it.  Whats the alure of it for you?  What do you do?  How do YOU have fun in home?

     Hi docshady,


     Welcome to the PlayStation Forums!  I never really got into sporting games much.  I've played some madden here and there along side of NCAAs series.  I'm on home a lot and I play a lot of games.  Whatever I can get my hands on I play it.  It's great your friend(s) told you about home!  There are multiple mini games in home, rewards to be earned, great events brought to us by the Home Community and PlayStation MVPs - Home Guides, thousands of people to meet, and the good out weights the bad.


Mini Games in home


     Most of the public spaces in Home have mini games.  The best thing to do is explore the Navigator by pushing start (if your in a public space or private space), go to the navigator icon, and scroll on over to the Explore icon.  To see what is new and/or see Featured Games, explore the [New and Recommended] icon, and the [Featured Games] icon via the navigator.


What draws my attention to Home?


     When I first got invited to check out Home, it was back in 2008 a few months before Open Beta.  I liked the environment, the friendly place, I loved to help the Home Community, and the mini games.  Well back in those days we didn't have much.  However, I seen the potential Home had after each Client Update.  I always enjoy a good place to chat and Home seemed to be the place for me even to this day I love home.


What do I do in Home?


     I help the Home Community by sharing what I know.  I have my own downtime (Still help) by playing mini games, exploring new private spaces & public spaces, host events, make people laugh, hang out with friends, share what house tools are available for us to use, give tours, and beg MODs to play hide-n-seek <joking> (But yeah, "IF" I seen one, I'd be asking to play).


How do I have fun in home?


     I stay away from major drama, and most is said above in What do I do in home.  I love to bring people up if they fall.  It's just something that means a lot to me (respect).  Having PlayStation Home in my life gives me something to do when I want to relax from a long day.  It is something I've always enjoy doing since I was invited to Home.

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Re: What is home?

May 14, 2013

apart from the usual social things within home

i think of home amongst other things as a fantastic entry level psn access for indies to come in and show us what they can do honing their skills and gaining experience along the way.

Whilst there have been a few third parties drop off its been fun to watch many grow develop their own little home universe whilst they continue to push the home boundaries with crazy ideas hehe.


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