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Re: What is a noob?

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Aug 24, 2013

JulianMatisse wrote:
In your example, presumably the user in question would win rewards for playing these games so well, right? Then why wouldn't they be wearing their rewards, instead of the boring old "default" clothing? I mean, that's what I did for a long time. Smiley Happy

no way, me too!!!


and i didn't even have to play masterfully...



ya, i'm sure they could wear rewarded items like we do. but even with rewards i get called worse things than n00b from absolute strangers. and i'm not even trolling, or grinding on people in a V-swimsuit... haters gonna hate


but for the sake of the example, to retain the maximum polarity, for the purpose of squashing the glaring misconception and pinpointing the major flaw in the mashup logic... maybe this user actually preferred the generic outfits.



i should save a preset for default attire just so i can see who calls me n00b...


"nope, just got my defaults on!"


*snaps invisible suspenders*

+ mods + memes
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