May 12 2013
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What id like to see

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I'd like to see in ps home more active items! They are fun and great! The new creations are becoming more creative and impressing. Home just gets better with that, but I do miss the old places. I'd love it if they could bring back a sort of a flashback space where you can go back to the old mall or central plaza, movie theater and all the old home spaces. I'd be nice to see agian. Also I'd like to see more sales like the recent nDreams sale. I bought out alot of the sale prices! Great quality items for such reasonable prices! Home can be pricey so that was nice to see. Just some suggestions hope this gets threw, especially about the old mall and central plaza. I just would love to see some sort of a return to those places.
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Re: What id like to see

May 12, 2013
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