Oct 23 2013
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What I think the Wardrobe should look like

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I know, I should post this in the Suggestions thread.

But here is what I think it should look like. 



[Lockwood] - [Shoes] - [Purchased]


Meaning all the developers will be listed from A - Z.

By hovering over the name, you'll be able to choose from shoes, shirts, full-body, etc.

But what about favorites or new?


[Favorites] - Lists only your favorites

[New] - Lists only new items

[Devolpers] - Lists the developers names from A - Z

[Old] - Adds the year you wish to choose for a much easier find

[Last used] - Only shows what you last worn from a week ago to today.


Storage should have this too.

But differently. 

Also the name you select should pop so you know you're on it.


(I know this idea seems bad.)

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Re: What I think the Wardrobe should look like

Oct 23, 2013

any idea that helps better organize and locate my stuff better is a good idea its frustraiting having to hunt through all my stuff for a certain thing

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Re: What I think the Wardrobe should look like

Oct 23, 2013
I wish there were a way to quickly find pieces of an outfit purchased as a bundle.
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